What Is The Best Way To Protect The Paint On A New Car?

December 31, 2020

What Is The Best Way To Protect The Paint On A New Car?

Apart from keeping your beloved set of wheels under cover when it’s not being driven, there are other ways to keep the paintwork in that just-left-the-showroom condition. There’s a range of options, from those that offer a minimal level of protection to those that provide an almost impenetrable layer.

A Stepwise Approach to New Car Paint Protection 

·      New car paint protection level 1: car wax

·      New car paint protection level 2: paint sealant

·      New car paint protection level 3: ceramic coating

·      New car paint protection level 4: paint protection film

New car paint protection level 1: car wax

Car wax can, to a certain extent, give some minor paintwork protection. However, it’s only for a limited time and won’t protect against damage such as stone chips or damage from debris such as twigs or foliage.

New car paint protection level 2: paint sealant

Paint sealant is applied to the paintwork and creates a clear layer of protection. It can often be found in a sealant/wax/polish formula and is applied by hand. It does create a nice finish but requires a laborious application. It provides slightly more protection than wax alone. But again, it won’t prevent damage from anything more than regular weather or environmental conditions.

New car paint protection level 3: ceramic coating

This is the first level that protects the paintwork to any significant level. While there are do-it-yourself options, it’s best done professionally. The paintwork needs meticulous preparation before application. Once done, it creates nano-sized ceramic particles to create a semi-permanent layer over the paint. It’s invisible and protects against water, heat, scratches from debris, and chemicals.

New car paint protection level 4: paint protection film

Paint protection film (PPF) is the ultimate way in which to protect new car paintwork. It will prevent scratches, stone chips, and damage caused by larger debris, such as rocks and branches. It’s invisible once applied, and if it does sustain any damage it has self-healing properties. Gentle heat allows any such scuffs to easily be buffed out, as the break in the integrity is to the film itself, not the paintwork below.

A good PPF lasts upwards of 5 years—some might last as long as 10 years. It can be applied to the whole car or to certain areas that are particularly prone to scratches and damage. This includes the hood, front bumper, or the hood.

There are DIY options available but these aren’t recommended. Imagine trying to smooth saran wrap over the whole car without any wrinkles! That should give you an idea as to quite how difficult it is to cover a car with PPF to an acceptable standard. This is certainly one of those times that the extra outlay to have a professional carry out the work is worth every red cent.

There are many different types of paint protection film. It’s highly recommended to go for the best you can afford. Cheaper options will have less longevity, may discolor (especially in hot sunny climates), and will need replacing sooner than a higher quality version.

How to Find a Provider of the Best Paint Protection Film Near Me

·      Word of mouth or online search

Word of mouth or online search

As with any service, word of mouth recommendations are always the best. Failing that, most searches begin online. Simply enter a phrase like paint protection film near me to return multiple local options. Once done, carry out the necessary due diligence to select your preferred supplier.

AutoSuperShield is South Florida’s Premier Provider of Paint Protection Film

Boca Raton-based AutoSuperShield offers an incredible selection of paint protection film applied by highly-trained technicians. With levels of PPF from mid-range through to the ultimate in self-healing and hydrophobic options, there’s something on offer to suit all budgets.

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