What is Paint Correction and how can it Improve the Appearance of your Car?

March 7, 2023

What is Paint Correction and how can it Improve the Appearance of your Car?

Paint correction is—as the name implies—a service that improves any anomalies that have occurred to your vehicle’s factory paintwork. 

But what is it exactly? How is it done? And are there any other improvements that can be done at the same time to make your ride showroom-beautiful once again? Read on to discover everything you need to know about paint correction and associated upgrades.

All About Paint Correction

  • What is paint correction?
  • DIY vs. professional paint correction
  • Adding PPF or ceramic coating

What is paint correction?

Paint correction is a process that repairs damage, such as scratches and chips. In addition to these more obvious flaws, it also polishes out the tiny damage that’s invisible to the naked eye. All paintwork degrades over time. Under a microscope, these look like spirals, swirls, and whorls. 

These are the culprits that cause a vehicle’s paintwork to lose its factory shine, as well as eventually leading to paint fade. A paint correction service polishes out these anomalies, restoring the surface to its former glory. 

Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is only relevant to older cars. As soon as a vehicle leaves the factory, the environment gets to work on that shiny façade. Even those that are only a few weeks or months old will already have issues—even if you can’t see them.

DIY vs. professional paint correction

There are two ways to carry out paint correction: do it yourself or by a professional detailer. As with any cosmetic service, going the pro route requires a higher initial outlay but brings a much higher result.

A paint correction involves the following:

  • Deep cleaning the vehicle: This is way more than a simple wash. Every element of dirt needs to be removed. The only way to do this is by clay barring—a labor-intensive process that takes many hours.
  • Detailing panel by panel: Now comes the hard work. Detailing is akin to lightly sanding out any imperfections. You need to remove the hard topcoat in order to get to the paint beneath. This is not a job for the inexperienced or faint-hearted. It should be done in a dirt-free, inside environment and under LED lighting. Be aware that this has the potential to cause irreparable damage if you do it wrong, hence the consideration for a professional approach.
  • Polish: Once the flaws have been removed (either by hand or using a professional buffer), the next stage is to polish the vehicle.

Of course, you need to provide a protective coating, as you’ve removed the factory one. This could be as simple as a topcoat wax. However, why would you go to all the effort and not add advanced protection? 

Adding PPF or ceramic coating

The addition of paint protection film or a ceramic coating should really go hand-in-hand with a paint correction service. Ask any professional detailer and they’ll agree.

So… What are the benefits of paint correction? They can be defined as the following:

  • The car looks amazing!
  • It promotes the longevity of true color and shine over many years
  • It increases the value of the vehicle
  • Upgrades the car, both in looks and physical attributes
  • Makes it easier to care for. Both PPF and ceramic coating make washing a far less laborious process

Ready for the Ultimate Finish Following Paint Correction? You Need PPF from Auto SuperShield

To be honest, we don’t understand why anyone would go to the expense and care of car paint correction without adding a protective top layer. No one in the South Florida region does PPF or ceramic coating better than we do (and yes, we do stand by that comment—as do our thousands of satisfied customers).

Ready to find out more? Visit https://www.autosupershield.com/paint-protection-films for an informative read and call our friendly team today for a bespoke quote. We promise you won’t regret it.


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