What is Car Paint Protection Film?

June 30, 2023

What is Car Paint Protection Film?

If you care a jot about how great your car looks, then you can’t fail to have heard about paint protection film (PPF). But what is it, exactly? How does it work? Is it expensive and, ultimately, is it something you should consider installing on your car?

The following is your go-to guide to PPF, answering many of your FAQs, and is a valuable source to whether or not you should splash out on getting it installed on your vehicle.

All About Car Paint Protection Film

  • What is car paint protection film? An overview
  • PPF FAQs
  • Cutting to the chase… Should I get car paint protection film?

What is car paint protection film? An overview

Car paint protection film, or PPF, is a special type of plastic (thermoplastic urethane) that’s applied to the surface of a car or other vehicle. As the name suggests, it’s done to protect the paintwork it covers, providing a barrier between the environment and the car. 

The advantages are many:

  • It protects from paint fade caused by UV rays.
  • It protects from chemical paint damage, such as acid rain, tree sap, and bird droppings.
  • It prevents minor knocks and scratches from physical objects, such as twigs and stones.
  • It helps keep the car clean, thanks to having hydrophobic properties.
  • It can self-heal. This means that if it sustains minor physical damage, the application of a little heat will meld it back to its original form.
  • The factory paintwork remains in almost pristine condition. This translates into a higher resale value.


  • Is paint protection film expensive? PPF comes in different qualities (as do the services that install them). In general, the cheaper the cost, the less effective it is at protecting the paintwork and it won’t last as long. Beware of anyone who promises an ultra-cheap deal—a substandard product in combination with poor application can cause damage to the paintwork.
  • Can I install PPF myself? In theory, the answer is yes. However, do you have a) the expertise and b) the facility to do it? There’s an art to great PPF installation. Not only is the best job done in combination with dedicated software and cutting equipment, but the paintwork prep needs to be immaculate and carried out in a semi-sterile environment.
  • Is all PPF hydrophobic? No, not all of them. However, the higher quality ones are. If you’re going to the expense of having PPF fitted to your pride and joy, then it makes sense to go for the best you can afford.
  • Does PPF peel off? Good quality PPF that’s professionally applied won’t peel off during its guaranteed lifespan.
  • How long does PPF last? The best PPF that’s correctly installed and well-looked after can last up to 10 years.

Cutting to the chase… Should I get car paint protection film?

If you care about your vehicle and want it to maintain its great looks, then PPF is a standout way of doing it. If any of the following apply, then you might want to consider an installation.

  • You have a prestige vehicle.
  • Your vehicle is not long off the production line.
  • You’ve had a car wrap fitted.
  • You’ve had ceramic coating installed (PPF and ceramic coating truly are a match made in heaven).
  • Your vehicle has recently had a respray.
  • You use your vehicle in harsh environments (off-roading, racing, dune-busting, etc.)
  • You live close to the ocean. Salt is one of the biggest enemies of paintwork.
  • You live in a sunny climate and want to prevent the UV rays from causing premature paint fade.

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