What Is Automotive Privacy Glass?

October 1, 2021

What Is Automotive Privacy Glass?

Privacy glass is that which has been tinted or darkened to reduce the amount of light that can pass through it. This makes it more difficult for anyone outside to peer in and provides an increased ambiance within the cabin of the car. The level of privacy experienced will depend on how dark the glass has been made.

As well as increasing the privacy of those within the vehicle, there are many other advantages to this. 

The following reveals everything that you need to know about privacy glass and why you might consider getting it added to your vehicle.

All About Privacy Glass

  • What is privacy glass?

What is privacy glass?

The term privacy glass, when applied to vehicles, is given to any type of window glass that’s been darkened through the addition of a tint. This is done by applying a thin film to the glass, which then appears darkened when viewed from the outside. The darker you go, the less the outside world can look in—hence the use of the word ‘privacy’.

For example, an extreme of privacy glass would be that often seen in limousines. In such cases, it’s virtually impossible to see in from the inside, yet those sitting in the cabin can still see out. 

Privacy glass is legal to use in most states, but each applies individual laws as to how dark the tint can be depending on where on the vehicle it’s located. 

For example, it’s generally accepted that rear windshields and rear passenger windows can have fairly dark tints. For obvious reasons, the front windshield cannot be tinted, although in many states it is legal to have a tinted window visor strip at the top. Driver and passenger windows usually have restrictions on how dark the tint is allowed to be.

Privacy Glass, Tinting, and How to Get it Applied to your Vehicle

  • DIY privacy glass
  • Professionally applied privacy glass

DIY privacy glass

There are many DIY options if you’d like to turn your hand to the application of a window tint. However, you should be warned that this is not an easy task. The application process involves a skilled technique that not only requires patience, training, and experience, but also a whole host of careful preparation. 

Privacy glass is only as good as the product that’s used and the skill of the installer. Get either of those wrong and you not only risk dramatically reduced longevity and a sub-standard application, but also of running afoul of stringent tint-requirement legislation that differs dramatically from state to state. 

Professionally applied privacy glass

Spending that little bit extra to have professionally applied privacy glass to any vehicle is truly money well spent. Not only can you rest assured that the application process will be spot on, but also that the prep will have been carried out correctly, the type of window tint chosen will be of the right quality for your needs, and—most importantly—you stay on the right side of the law.

There’s only one thing worse than not having privacy glass… And that’s having a poorly sourced and poorly applied product. The only way to avoid such an unhappy scenario is to approach a true specialist and discuss with them the type of privacy glass that will best suit your needs.

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