What is a Super Charger Kit and What Can a Kit Do for Your Car?

What is a Super Charger Kit and What Can a Kit Do for Your Car? Use this information as your official Super Charger Kits 101 mini course!

“What is a Supercharger?”

The internal gas combustion engine supplies the power to move an automobile by mixing fuel and air together. A supercharger increases the volume, pressure and rate of the air delivered to the combustion chamber of the engine to generate more horsepower and torque. This process is called “forced air induction.”

Drivers of hot rods, muscle cars and racing vehicles use superchargers to increase their speed. Superchargers can deliver 40% more horsepower and 30% more torque. Superchargers make cars go faster.

Corvette ZR1 with SuperCharger

Corvette ZR1

“What is a Super Charger Kit?”

Super Charger Kits make it very easy for regular folks to install these devices themselves. A do-it-yourself Super Charger Kit can be assembled in less than 10 hours with regular car maintenance tools. You can save a lot of money by installing this kit yourself.

“What is the Difference Between a Supercharger and Turbocharger?”

Turbochargers are similar to superchargers. Both increase vehicle speeds. The difference is how they receive their power from the vehicle.

The supercharger is powered by a belt connected to the engine crankshaft. The turbocharger uses power from the exhaust gas turbine. Since more exhaust is produced when traveling faster, the turbocharger functions better at higher speeds.

“Types of Superchargers”

The three primary types of superchargers (or air blowers) are 1) Roots, 2) Twin Screw and 3) Centrifugal. They differ in how they collect the air and pass it to the engine. In 1860, the first supercharger – the Roots – was developed.

Roots superchargers have two inter-meshed lobes in a twisted design. Roots superchargers are placed on the top of the engine. They add considerable weight to the vehicle.

The Twin Screw supercharger uses two air collectors in a flat, side-by-side, horizontal orientation. The air is trapped in pockets between the parts. The conical shape compresses the air.

The Centrifugal supercharger resembles a snail’s shell with air entering the side and exiting the end. Superchargers can spin at 60,000 rotations per minute (RPM). This supercharger uses an impeller and diffuser to lower the speed and increase the pressure of the air.

“What is Included in Super Charger Kits?”

Auto Super Shield has partners that can provide everything you need to complete the job yourself with high-quality Super Charger Kits. These kits include air collector parts, connecting bolts and mounting brackets. You will attach the supercharger to the top or side of your engine.

Nothing can compare to the incredible boost delivered by the supercharger to your vehicle. These are high-efficiency charged boosters that will make your engine a beast. Auto Super Shield partners provide the Super Charger Kits to make your vehicle the fastest on the block.

Get yours today and run faster than any other vehicle around!




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