What Does 3M Paint Protection Film do for Your Car?

What does 3M paint protection film do for your car? Well, used by some high end manufacturers such as Porsche and Ferrari, the film protects your paint against dirt, chips, and debris. Used mostly on the rear arches, rocker panels, and fenders of the vehicle to prevent chips and scratches in the paint which occur during operation.

So how does 3M paint protection film work? Paint Protection Film (PPF) also know as the “Clear Bra” is a clear thermoplastic urethane film, used to prevent scratches, chips, and bug splatter, by being applied to the paint on new or used vehicles. The film is currently being used on other vehicles such as RV’s, planes, boats, motorcycles, and ATV’s. You can also find PPF on cellphones, screens, and other electronic devices. What are the other benefits of 3M paint protection film? 3M Paint Protection Film comes with an ultra-violet inhibitor to prevent any yellowing of the surface, due to sun exposure.


The film does already come installed with some vehicle manufacturers, but can applied to almost any vehicle. The film is usually installed by certified experts, working out of an independent shop, and is offered by some detail shops. The film goes through a computer controlled custom cut, to fit each part perfectly on the vehicle that is covered. It’s backed with a high performance adhesive, allowing the film to remain perfectly attached to your vehicle. The adhesive is none corrosive and will not damage any paint underneath the film. This allows for the paint to remain unharmed, allowing the luster and shine to come through.

3M film is quite a remarkable piece of technology. It allows vehicle owners the ability to remove their old black car bra, and replace it with a clear film. This allows the owner to achieve the same protection, on more areas of the car, with out have to deplete the vehicles aesthetics. PPF can help retain your cars appearance, by minimizing chips, scratches, and abrasions while also helping to preserve the paint over a longer period of time.


So if you have a car that you want to protect, and maintain that high gloss appearance we all crave, then 3M Paint Protection Film is for you. I would personally suggest that you do, and can think of only one place for you to visit. Auto Super Shield (www.autosupersheild.com). Auto Super Shield has been the largest 3M dealer in Florida, for over 15 years. Specializing in 3M Paint Protection Film they provide the highest quality of work. Their certified team of professionals will custom fit each section of film to adhere seamlessly to your vehicle while maintaining a rich, colorful shine. So ditch that old black bra, and upgrade to the best Florida paint protection film from experts at Auto Super Shield.

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Wendy Feliu