What Can You Do with 3M Graphic Films? Exterior Marketing, Race Car Protection and More!

June 20, 2020

The possibilities that are offered by 3M graphic films are limited only by the imagination. A wide variety of graphic films are available in opaque, clear, translucent and reflective styles, as well as far too many colors to list. 3M graphic films provide incredible customization, and they can even be made as either permanent or removable graphics.[caption id="attachment_1276" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Audi R8 Black Matte Wrap with Carbon Fiber Accents by Auto SuperShield"]

[/caption]One of the main uses for 3M graphic films is, of course, for promotional purposes. Any business that operates a fleet of vehicles needs to have them outfitted with durable and recognizable graphics for both identification and promotional functions. The vehicles that are owned and operated by your business are all means of creating a presence on the market, and the flexibility and durability of 3M graphic films ensure that each and every one will stand out on the road.Removable graphic films are ideal for businesses that are currently leasing all or part of their fleet. The vehicle’s lessors will often be opposed to a company’s logo, contact information, or really anything else permanently altering the appearance of their equipment. While this arrangement rules out painting or permanent vinyl graphics, it lends itself perfectly to 3M’s removable and entirely customizable graphic films. Hopefully, this 3M graphic film information can help you make a better decision about your vehicle.The ability to remove and change graphics also allows you to change your message frequently. Paint is permanent, but 3M’s removable graphic films let your vehicle’s marketing power keep up with new trends and campaigns. Each vehicle in your fleet can make its own statement that evolves in step with your business.3M’s range of innovative digital printing materials allow for much more than just a logo and a phone number – they can help your business make a striking impression wherever they may go. The extraordinary customizability of these graphic films means that you can change the appearance of the entire car. You are constrained by neither predesigned templates nor the high costs of painting custom graphics onto the entire vehicle. Vehicles that are emblazoned with a company’s logo are everywhere, but vehicles made into works of corporate art stand far, far above the crowd.3M graphic films can go further than paint could ever dream of going when windows are involved. 3M offers window graphic films that increase the exterior advertising space. Their all-weather window films take even more limits off of your creative desires without compromising the driving experience.3M graphic films are not, of course, limited to business and advertising uses. You can personalize your vehicle in the boldest way possible by creating and applying your own custom graphics. All of the powerful imagery techniques that are offered by paint can be replicated and even enhanced by 3M graphic films. A simple new one-color paint scheme can cost a great deal of money, and having a customized paint job can multiply that cost exponentially. You’re also limited by the talents of the artist – when you use a customized 3M graphic film, you can be absolutely certain that your vehicle’s graphics are the very best that they can be.There is just no end to the possibilities that 3M graphic films make available to everyone. For your 3M graphic films, AutoSuperShield goes above and beyond your basic needs. The professionals at AutoSuperShield can help you create original and inspired imagery and apply it to virtually any automobile’s exterior. If you can imagine it, 3M graphic films from AutoSuperShield can make it a reality.Looking for additional 3M graphic film information? Let us know!


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