What Are The Most Common Kinds Of Window Tint Films?

December 31, 2020

What Are The Most Common Kinds Of Window Tint Films?

There are many types of window tint films on the market. Some are excellent, some good, and some that can only be described as average. The following discusses some of the most common kinds and how they rate in terms of quality, longevity, and value for money.

The Different Types of Window Tint Film 

·      Ceramic window tint film

·      Carbon window tint film

·      Metalized window tint film

·      Dyed window tint film

Ceramic window tint film

By far the gold standard when it comes to window tinting, ceramic film brings the very latest technology to the tinting industry. As the name suggests, it contains microscopic ceramic particles that block both solar heat and UV rays. This helps keep the interior of the car cool in summer and warm in winter, plus prevents premature aging and fading of the interior upholstery. In addition, it protects you from the harmful effect of the sun.

This option is highly resistant to fading and scratches and offers the best performance and longevity of all of the options. While it’s also the more expensive, it really is a case of you get what you pay for. If you’re looking for a super high-quality window tint that won’t need replacing for many years, this is the one for you.

Carbon window tint film

This is still an excellent option and comes in at a lower price range than the ceramic option. This makes it extremely popular for those who want value for money yet demand excellent performance. The film contains carbon particles to diffuse heat and UV rays, so protecting the interior of the car and the occupants from the harm this can cause. It also has a dramatic effect on cooling the interior of the car, leading to less use of the a/c.

Metalized window tint film

Less expensive still, this contains tiny particles of metal to repel the heat and UV rays. It’s a tough film that provides good insulation and many people like it because it adds a shiny, metallic finish. The biggest downside is that the metal particles can interfere with GPS and cell phone signals. Nonetheless, it’s affordability and looks still make it a popular choice.

Dyed window tint film

The cheapest of them all, this is an entry-level option and one that many DIYers choose if they attempt to fit it themselves. It provides a fairly decent tinted finish but doesn’t help with interior heat control in the way the others do. It’s also prone to fading, especially in regions that benefit from plenty of sunshine. This means it needs replacing regularly.

The Best Brands for Car Window Tinting


·      Prestige Film Technologies

·      Suntek

Prestige Film Technologies

This is the company that markets the excellent Spectra Photosync window film that uses nano-technology to awesome effect. This has created a smart film that automatically adjusts heat reflection depending on the ambient environment.


One of the best names in window tint, Suntek produces a range of high-quality options. These utilize either carbon or ceramic technology, with the top of the range option being the CIR series. This offers an incredible 99% protection from UV rays with an extraordinary level of heat and insulation properties. 

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