What are the Florida Tint Laws?

March 29, 2024

Who doesn’t love tinted windows? And, if you’re lucky enough to live in a wonderful state, such as Florida, where we experience an abundance of virtually year-round sunshine, window tint is pretty much a necessity. 

But are you aware of the laws surrounding what you can and can’t do when applying window tint? Indeed, did you know that they differ from state to state? Many an unsuspecting motorist has fallen foul of the law simply by driving across a state line…

Let’s take a look at what the laws are in Florida and the importance of choosing a window tint provider who has intimate knowledge of exactly what can and can’t be applied.

Car Window Tint in Florida: everything you need to know.

Straight down the line: what are the Florida tint laws in 2024?

What if I want to cross into Georgia or Alabama?

Straight down the line: what are the Florida tint laws in 2024?

Before we detail the exact information and numbers, it’s important to know that there are different laws depending on whether the vehicle is a sedan or if it’s a van/SUV. 

Whatever type of vehicle it is, the level of tint on a window is described as visible light transmission, or VLT. This number describes the amount of light that can pass through it and is expressed as a percentage. To confuse the issue even more, because some window tint also reflects heat and light, there’s a second figure to describe this. Again, this is also written as a percentage.

In addition to both the VLT and reflection laws, there’s also a list of other regulations that we’ll cover in a moment.

Window tint and reflection laws for sedans:

  • Front windshield: Florida laws do not allow any tinting of the windshield EXCEPT for permitting non-reflective tint above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line (also known as the visor strip)
  • Front side windows: VLT of window tint must be > 28%. (In other words, the tint can’t block more than 28% of light). Reflective properties must be < 25%. (Can’t reflect more than 25% of heat and light)
  • Back side windows: VLT must be > 15%. Reflection < 35%.
  • Rear window: VLT > 15%.

Window tint and reflection laws for vans/SUVs:

  • Front windshield: The same as sedans.
  • Front side windows: The same as sedans.
  • Back side windows: VLT must be > 6%. Reflection < 35%.
  • Rear window: VLT > 6%.

Other rules and regulations surrounding Florida vehicle tinting laws are:

  • Medical exemptions may apply. Special tints are allowed and are specific to the individual. Contact your medical provider and consult with state laws as there are obviously limitations (for instance, around the tinting of the front windshield).
  • Colored window tint is not allowed within the Florida state lines.
  • The level of window tinting must be clearly displayed on a sticker on the inside jamb of the driver’s side door.
  • If the back window is tinted, then dual side mirrors are mandatory.

What if I want to cross into Georgia or Alabama?

Both Georgia and Alabama have stricter tint laws than Florida. This means that you could, potentially, be pulled up if you have the darkest window tints/reflective properties allowed in Florida. Simply by leaving the Sunshine State for one of its neighbors could get you a fine. If you do live close to the state line and intend to cross it in your car, then you’re advised to go with the strictest state tint level to ensure you keep within the law wherever you’re driving.

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