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Audi R8 Carbon Fiber and Matte Black Wrap

What are Carbon FiberWraps?

If now is the time to change the look of your car, we can help. The automotive aftermarket is exploding with color. You have a choice – paint or wrap. For a look that will enhance your vehicle, the answer is obvious. We offer carbon fiber wraps to add luxury and style to your ride. And for those who are new to it, a vehicle wrap is not a paint job; it is a customized shield of protection.

What are Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wraps?

Audi R8 Carbon Fiber and Matte Black Wrap

Audi R8 Carbon Fiber and Matte Black Wrap at Auto SuperShield

Carbon fiber is a textured film that can be installed to the surface of your car. We apply a compound of multi-layered cast PVC that conforms to every nook and cranny. A paint job has the potential to run your car if done incorrectly. Carbon fiber wraps are not a paint job; they are a blanket of color. The application is similar to shrink wrapping. Once attached, the film becomes part of the surface of the vehicle until removed.

What Surface Will Carbon Fiber Work On?

Carbon fiber is right for most any metal or plastic. This means it will fully cover the vehicle. No missed spots or uneven tint. Carbon fiber is a textured vinyl film that adds durability and distinctive style to the body of the car. Cleanup is the same as any high quality gloss paint. Wash the film with car wash soap and then wipe it dry with a micro-fiber towel.

Will It Peel Off?

The adhesive holding the film in place is a unique formula that offers long-term adherence. Climate and weather changes affect all vehicle surfaces whether you opt for paint or a wrap. How long the wrap lasts depend on the environment and maintenance of the vehicle.

Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap

Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap

What is the Advantage?

Wrapping your car with carbon fiber film adds distinction that you can’t get from even high gloss color. For one thing, wrapping with carbon fiber gives you choices. With paint, once the work is done, you must completely redo it if you don’t like the hue or if the job is botched. When we cover your car with carbon fiber film, it is reversible. This gives you choices. If you want a new look at some point, the wrap peels off.

Carbon fiber wraps are a layer of protective vinyl. Once we add the film, it adheres to the OEM paint and transforms your car into a thing of beauty. When the day comes where you want something else, it comes off without damaging the paint underneath.

Protect your car from the dings of road debris by wrapping it with carbon fiber film. We give you a choice of matte wraps or custom colors. Carbon fiber will spruce up a classic. It will maintain the value of a luxury car. A carbon fiber wrap is not paint, it is peace of mind.

Wendy Feliu