What Affects Your Car's Resale Value?

June 20, 2020

Just over 6o% of all vehicles on the resale market are white, silver or black. This shows that even something basic like paint color can dramatically affect how much you’ll get for your car when you try to sell it.The issues that influence resale value sometimes seems random. But there are a few critical areas that are big factors toward better prices – Brand, Mileage, Age, Exterior and Interior, Mechanical Condition and Paint Color.As people start looking, even casually, for a replacement ride, they give their vehicle a more critical eye. The infographic below helps people know where to pay attention. Some things, like mileage or age can’t be controlled. But even before you decide to sell your car you can decide to look after it. In other words, care for your car and you won’t have to play catch up.

What-Affects-My-Cars-Resale-Value (2)

Items you can maintain or consider that will preserve resale value include: choosing a brand that keeps a high value, mechanical condition (and keeping your records), and paint color. Depending on your choices, the value can drop rapidly or remain stable.Protecting your cahttps://www.autosupershield.com/wp-admin/upload.phpr’s exterior is one factor within your control. If you have easily reversible changes to your car, such as a protective vinyl wrap then that takes some of the worry away.


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