Washing Your Sports Car - The Right Way
Ferrari California - After Photo - White Matte Color Change Wrap

Washing Your Sports Car – The Right Way

Ferrari California - After Photo - White Matte Color Change Wrap

Ferrari California - After Photo - White Matte Color Change Wrap

Nearly everyone in the world has a different method for washing a car, but we know the secret method that can make your sports car look brand new again. Thousands of people search the web for information on how to wash their car because they want their vehicles to look the absolute best. The process is easy, especially if you start the right way.

When you find yourself washing your sports car by applying soap and water, you’re doing something wrong. Start by aiming a water hose directly at the vehicle and giving the car a gentle rinse. This rinse removes any dust or debris that might damage your paint job. If you immediately start rubbing down the car with a cloth or sponge, you can actually push the debris into the vehicle, which can remove paint.

I found that a pre-inspection is a great way to wash your car. I always give the car a careful once-over, looking for any debris stuck to the exterior, including dried bugs. Holding a small plastic razor, I rub a soaked cloth across the surface and gently scrub away the debris. If the debris still sticks to the car, I spray down the surface with a high-powered hose, which can remove almost anything.

Washing your sports car also involves the right cleaning products. You should never use dish soap, shampoo or any other type of home or personal cleaning product because these can damage the vehicle. I typically use specialty products designed specifically for auto bodies. Apply a small amount of the cleaner to a damp cloth or soft sponge, and gently rub the cloth against the damp car body. Make sure that you rinse the soap off before it gets a chance to dry to reduce the risk of giving your sports car a dull finish.

If you need information on how to wash your car, you should also consider the tires, rims and even the interior. Tire cleaning products will remove anything from your vehicles, including stuck on mud and tree leaves. Give the tires a good spray from a high-powered hose before applying any cleaner, which makes the job a little easier. You can easily finish the job by buffing the rims with a little chrome polish, which brings back the natural shine.

When it comes to the interior of your sports car, clean the dashboard with a specialty leather cleaner. This restores any cracked or damaged areas in the leather. Cleaning the floorboards and seats is easy when you use a vacuum cleaner. The cleaner gets rid of even the largest messes and removes tiny pieces of trash that you might not even see.

In my experience, luxury vehicle wraps like those from Auto Super Shield reduce the amount of time I spend cleaning. The wrap protects the car’s exterior, giving me the glossy look that I want without wasting time on cleaning.


Wendy Feliu