Vinyl Wrapping a Classic Car

June 20, 2020
Vinyl Wrapping a Classic Car

Whether you have a hot rod project car or a fully customized muscle cruiser sitting out in the garage, it’s easy to blow a hole in your budget trying to get a nice paint job for your classic vehicle. This can be problematic if there are still engine repairs and performance upgrades you want to make to turn your classic car into a rubber-burning road monster. Fortunately, there’s an easy and affordable way to give your classic car head-turning good looks to match its heart-racing performance: vinyl wraps.Car wraps are becoming extremely popular with classic car enthusiasts, especially among those who want to give their ride a custom look and feel. Vinyl wrapping opens up new worlds of creativity and can help you achieve the one-of-a-kind look that will help your classic car stand out from the pack. Car wrapping also tends to be less expensive than custom paint jobs, which means more cash in hand for the new headers or carburetor you’ve been wanting. And because classic car wraps are so easy to install and take off, you can change the look of your hot rod every couple years to keep the local auto enthusiast community talking.If you’re looking for aesthetic upgrades for your ride, here’s how to transform your classic car with a custom vinyl wrap.

Step 1: Choose Your Classic Car Wrap Design

There’s no limit to the creative possibilities you can bring to life with a vinyl wrap, so the first step in choosing the design for your vehicle is to decide what kind of affect you want the wrap to have. If you want to make a bold statement unlike anything anyone in the classic car community has seen before, consider a full wrap in something like chrome or “3D” animal skin. A matte wrap is a bit more muted and understated, but it can still give your classic car a bold appearance. You can also apply custom graphics to make your ride look menacing, playful, or even extraterrestrial.

Step 2: See What the Design Really Looks Like

Once you have a rough mental sketch of your car’s new exterior design, it’s time to transfer your idea into a digital mockup so you can visualize the end product before you go any further. Unless you have experience with computer design software, you will need to hire someone to create digital “layers” of your design that can be applied to your car using Photoshop or a similar program. This will allow you to see what your car looks like and play around with different wrap colors, textures, and graphics. Some vinyl wrap installers will provide this service up front during the initial design and consultation phase.

Step 3: Prepare Your Car for Wrap Installation

After you finalize the design, you’ll need to prepare the body for wrap installation. Although your installer will remove any panels or body trimming necessary to wrap your car, you’ll need to make sure that any major body damage is fixed before you bring your vehicle in to be wrapped. Vinyl wraps can accentuate dings and dents, so try to get the body as straight and smooth as possible for the best results. Also give your car a deep cleaning before you bring it in for wrapping; although the vinyl will adhere to polished or flat paint surfaces (i.e., primer) they must be free of wax, dirt, and grease. Spending a little time and money upfront getting the body ready will not only improve the look of your wrap but will also generally increase the value of your classic ride.

Step 4: Show Off Your Ride to the World

The last step is the most important, and the easiest to understand for classic car enthusiasts who get a rush from the envious stares they receive while driving around in their old-school cruisers: Show off your new creation. In addition to cruising around town, look for upcoming auto shows and organized classic car parades to display your unique hot rod to the world. Also make sure you take to social media and classic car forums to share your wrapped masterpiece with friends, family, and fellow classic car lovers.Want to learn more about wrapping a classic car? Talk to the vinyl wrap experts at Auto Super Shield. From design to installation, we handle every aspect of vinyl car wrapping to ensure the best results for your ride. Contact us online or call (561) 367-0101 to get started.


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