Using Ceramic Coating To Prevent Rust 

October 1, 2021

Using Ceramic Coating To Prevent Rust 

Rust on a car is far less of an issue than it was, say, 10 or 20 years ago. This is mainly thanks to the use of various materials and rust-proof materials being used in the construction of vehicles today. 

However… That’s not to say that rust still isn’t an issue. That’s why many car owners look to the latest technology that can further prevent the formation of rust on their vehicles—that of ceramic coating.

But how good is it at preventing rust? Are there any other reasons you might consider a ceramic coating? Read on to discover everything you need to know about ceramic coating and how effective it is at preventing rust formation.

Let’s Talk About Rust

  • What is rust and why does it form on cars?
  • How to prevent rust
  • Why a ceramic coating is so effective  

What is rust and why does it form on cars?

Rust, or iron oxide, is caused by a reaction between metal and iron, oxygen, or water. This breaks down the integrity of the metal, breaking it down and leading to the corrosion that we see as rust.

While new cars are protected with a galvanized layer to reduce the risk of rust, any damage to this that leads to bare metal showing is likely to begin to corrode. Left untreated, this is likely to lead to the formation of rust.

Regions subjected to ongoing inclement weather are more susceptible, as are those that are close to the ocean. Salt in the air dramatically increases the chance of rust forming and speeds up the progression of corrosion. The same applies if you live in a region where grit and salt are regularly applied to the roads.

How to prevent rust

Preventing rust takes a little effort, but the best way to ensure that your car doesn’t come under attack is to regularly check the vehicle. Doing this means that any potential areas that would be prone to corrosion can have a preventative treatment and any rust spots dealt with before the problem spreads. 

Check the vehicle for damage every week: If the paint becomes scratched and exposes bare metal then this is a prime spot where rust might begin to form. 

Be aware of any patches of bubbling: Small bubbles beneath the paintwork are a sure sign that rust is forming, and treatment is needed to prevent the spread.

Check underneath the vehicle: While we might easily spot damage to the paintwork, getting down and looking beneath the car involves a conscious effort. Asides from dirt, keep an eye out for bubbling, small holes, or patches of red dust. 

Other important ways to keep rust at bay include:

  • Keeping the vehicle in a garage or carport.
  • Regular washing
  • Treat small rust spots as soon as you notice them
  • Apply a ceramic coating to the car

Why a ceramic coating is so effective 

A ceramic coating uses nano-technology to bond an ultra-thin, hard coating over the paintwork of the car. This provides a suit of armor against damage to the paintwork that might expose the bare metal beneath.

Such a coating lasts for many years, protecting the paintwork and metal from knocks and scrapes caused by stone chips, environmental degradation, UV damage, and more. In addition, it adds a wonderful gleam to the paintwork, prevents fade, and ensures that the factory paint beneath remains as pristine as the day it rolled out of the factory. 

The key aspect of how a ceramic coating helps prevent rust is how effective it is at reducing damage that allows the elements to come into contact with the metal of the vehicle. Large areas of damage are easy to spot, but tiny stone chips and the like often go unnoticed. This means that the first we know about it is when we see those tell-tale paint bubbles around the area—a sure sign that rust is already an issue. 

Savvy car owners know that the outlay of a ceramic coating not only enhances the look of the vehicle but also has a dramatic impact on a car’s depreciation over the years.

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