Detroit Car Show

Upcoming Car Shows to Check Out

Detroit Car Show

Sports cars, classic cars, the old muscle cars. Car enthusiasts delight every time they see one that is cool, modified, tricked out or with a really great paint job.  Classic car and performance car enthusiasts alike are always on the lookout for any upcoming car shows to check out.

From parking lots to freeways to city streets, every once in a while you catch a glimpse of a car that makes you do a double take. There are also times where even a classic car occasionally slips by, its once shiny armor having lost its gleam.

If you’re like the rest of us though, you still like those older cars whose paint isn’t sparkly any more, because it transcends time and returns you to a place in your youth, helping you recapture those glory days, when you may have even owned one of those old muscle cars. You may have spent hours every week tuning, changing parts, even doing some back street racing.

There are places where car fans can turn back the clock and suspend time. It’s called a car show.

The car shows, where the atmosphere is electrically charged and excitement is all around. Your heart jumps at every turn, when you hear the thrum of a highly tuned engine with that deep throaty power that fills the place.

So where are the upcoming car shows to check out anyway?  How do you find them?

You can Google “car shows” and specify your location, which is one of the best ways, or you can read one of the many fine car enthusiast blogs which provides tips on finding car shows, and things to think about when you go.

Here is a short list of some of the best upcoming car shows to check out, from all over the world. (By no means a complete list of the many great auto events)

  •  Detroit – First major car show each year, held in Motor City, in January
  • Chicago – In early February, started in 1901.
  • Geneva – Early March, 83rd annual.
  • New York – Late March/early April. 113th annual.
  • Frankfort – Mid September, sometimes held in Hannover.
  • Paris – One of the most important auto shows, in October
  • Tokyo – In late November/early December.
  • Los Angeles – In late November/early December.

Some of the most amazing and spectacular vehicles in the world, from production to concept cars, can be found at these upcoming car shows. Be sure to check one out!

Wendy Feliu