Unique Car Wrap Ideas to Transform Your Ride

June 20, 2020

Custom car wrapping has moved beyond simple graphics and advertising. A new breed of wraps has opened the door and made it possible to make the ultimate sports cars even cooler while protecting their original factory paint. The choices for unique car wraps are endless, ranging from carbon fiber wraps to options that allow you to turn your vehicle into a rolling piece of art!If you want your car to stand out beneath the bright lights of downtown Miami or wherever you cruise, this article on the most interesting and unique car wrap ideas will help you transform your vehicle into a one-of-a-kind head turner.While classic colors never go out of style, cool car wraps can help your high-end luxury vehicle or sports car stand out from the crowd. In terms of attention-grabbing style, the three most visually compelling types of car wraps are:

  • Chrome Wraps – Luxury chrome wraps reflect the sun while giving your car an eye-catching finish that cannot be missed! Chrome wraps will also “paparazzi proof” your vehicle, making it virtually impossible for flash photographers to get a picture of you cruising around town.
  • Carbon Fiber Wraps – A classic finish commonly known as an interior option, cool carbon fiber wraps are now offered in black, white, and silver. Carbon fiber has a high-performance look and feel, which is why this option works great on luxury performance cars.
  • Matte Vehicle Wraps – The “flat black” look is one of the most popular trends in cosmetic car customization. Luxury vehicles decked out with a matte wrap stand out by not standing out, at least not because of a glossy, reflective paint job.

Cool Car Wrap Ideas

Don’t limit your car wrap options to solid colors or finishes. A combination of unique finishes can be used to achieve the exact look that you are after, allowing factory colors to shine through while adding unique finishes in certain areas or sections of your vehicle. Custom wraps come in a variety of finishes, prints, and colors, ensuring that your car will stand out from the crowd.There’s no limit to what you can achieve with a custom car wrap, especially when you work with an installer that specializes in designing and bringing to life one-of-a-kind car wraps. To help get the creative juices flowing, here are some cool car wrap ideas to consider for your ride:

  • Wrap Your Car in Velvet – That’s right, the Velvet Elite Wrap allows you to wrap your vehicle in one of the most luxurious materials found in the world. From top to bottom, your vehicle can have the supple look and feel of velvet.
  • Shine Bright at Night – Looking to stand out after the sun goes down? Show off your beautiful car at night with unique wraps such as mirrored chrome, brushed steel metallic, or even a glow-in-the-dark wrap.
  • Pick a Theme – With a little bit of imagination and creativity, you can turn any hobby, passion, or interest into a unique car wrap that reflects your personality. For example, if you love the ocean work with a car wrap provider to design an underwater-themed pattern that will make waves on the road.
  • Unleash Your Inner Animal – Snakeskin boots and alligator skin belts are par for the course for the rich and famous, but what about a snakeskin Lamborghini or an alligator skin Bentley? 3D animal skin wraps can transform your luxury ride into a sleek four-wheeled predator fit to rule the animal kingdom and the concrete jungle.
  • Cover Your Car in Tattoos – If you’re a tattoo enthusiast, consider “inking” your ride with a custom vinyl wrap. You can even have your favorite tattoo artist design a full-body sleeve for your vehicle that can be transferred to the vinyl wrap and seamlessly installed on your car.
  • Support Your Cause – Caring is cool, and there’s no better way to show how much you care about a particular cause or movement then with a custom vehicle wrap. Show your dedication to breast cancer research and awareness with a design inspired by pink ribbons, or wrap your electric car in cloud graphics to show your support for the green movement.

Other Reasons to Wrap Your Luxury Vehicle

Unique Car Wraps

You’ve waited a long time to drive the car of your dreams, why should it look the same as everyone else’s? Luxury car wraps make it possible to transform your vehicle into a rolling, roaring, purring work of art like no one has ever seen. In addition to helping you and your ride stand out, car wrapping offers a host of other benefits that make it a good investment for any luxury car owner:

  • Protects original paint job from chips, scrapes, and scratches
  • Prevents fading with UV protection
  • Luxury car wraps are easy to remove, which means drivers can change the look of their ride as often as they’d like without the cost or hassle of painting

Selecting the best custom car wrapping design isn’t difficult. Auto Super Shield has a gallery of custom and unique luxury vehicle wraps that showcase everything from bold animal prints to canvas image graphics, mirrored chrome finishes, and more. Call us at (561) 367-0101 and let’s design something great together!


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