Trying to Paint your Car Yourself? Don’t Do It! Here’s Why…

Trying to Paint your Car Yourself? Don’t Do It! Here’s Why…

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Is your car in need of a new paint job? If it is, don’t even think about doing it yourself! Unless you are a professional and have experience painting cars, you’re most likely not qualified to do this job. Painting a car takes a lot of necessary preparation, tools and know-how, and without all three of those, you’ll end up with a badly painted car. Not only will your car look bad, it will lose much of its value. This isn’t even mentioning the possible damage that you can potentially cause to the body of the car.


Don’t think that you can just break out the paint buckets and start rolling paint on like you would on a wooden fence. Painting a car is much more complicated than that. First of all, your car needs to be carefully washed. You may be able to manage this, but you probably can’t do the following steps. After it is washed, the car needs to be sanded down. You need specialized equipment to do this. You also need to cover the chrome parts of the car and the windows, as the last thing you want to do is get paint on them. Then you have to add a layer of colorless primer onto the body of the car. The fact that it is colorless is going to make it difficult for a non-professional to evenly apply.


First of all you need special equipment just to sand the car. Then you’ll need the colorless primer, spray guns, paint and a transparent protective covering. All of these tools are expensive, especially the paints and primers. You can buy low quality materials, but they will deteriorate faster, and can harm the body of your car. High quality paints are incredibly expensive, and you’ll need to know exactly how much you have to buy. If you buy too little, you’ll end up with a halfway painted car. If you buy too much, then you’ll have spent an unnecessary amount of money.

The Know-How
Guess what? If you’ve never painted a car before, then you don’t know how to do it! Trying to do it yourself with no experience will lead to a sloppy and uneven paint job. It won’t look good, and you’ll have wasted a lot of money and time on nothing. Even the preparation aspect of painting a car is difficult. If you don’t know how to sand the body of the car, you can do some real damage to it.

Don’t paint your car yourself, get a professional to do it. Trying to do it yourself can result in not only a terrible looking car, but a damaged car as well.

Wendy Feliu