Au79 Project with Lamborghini Miami

The Stunning and Surprisingly Affordable Option: Wrapping your Sportscar in Chrome

Gold Chrome Lamborghini Aventador - Project Au79

Gold Chrome Lamborghini Aventador – Project Au79

Car wraps have been around for years used primarily for automotive advertising and showing sponsorship in NASCAR. Innovative sports car owners who wanted a lime-green Lamborghini without ruining the resale value of their car have also taken advantage of this innovative material. If you’ve always loved shiny things, if you are mesmerized by the bite of well polished chrome on a motorcycle, you can have that look on your sports car and still maintain its resale value. Chrome wraps are a stunning and surprisingly affordable option to bring out the bling in your sports car.

If you love to shine, to stand out of the crowd, wrapping your sports car in chrome will make your car stunning. Your car will outshine the sun, and if you’re suffering from paparazzi problems, your car will make you camera-proof with the amount of light that bounces off the finish. On the inside it will actually be cooler as the wrap absorbs heat. The wrap also protects your original paint against scratches, dings, accidents, and any other dangers of the road. The wrap looks exactly as if the car was painted but is removable, so if you want to change from yellow chrome this year to white chrome next year, it’s no problem. Have you ever wanted a purple chrome finish on your sports car? You can have it. Any color you’ve dreamed of can be created for you.

Chrome wraps are a surprisingly affordable option. A good wrap costs a little less than a good paint job, and it’s well worth it. The wraps are produced by 3M and last for about five years before permanently adhering to the car finish. They can be removed before five years with no damage to your original showroom paint, increasing the resale value of your car by leaving the factory original paint intact and unmarred. The chrome wrap process does require time and expertise to apply so it’s important to choose a reputable vendor. Once done, this stunning alternative makes your sports car easy to clean as well as ding and scratch resistant.

If you’re tired of the same old, same old, and you want to stand out from the crowd, chrome is for you, and now you can have it without repainting your car or ruining its finish.  Chrome wraps are a great innovation in the sports car market that will add to your enjoyment of your car without ruining the resale value.

Wendy Feliu