Gold Chrome Lamborghini Aventador "Project Au79"

The Process of Putting Chrome Wrap on a Sportscar

Gold Chrome Lamborghini Aventador "Project Au79"

Gold Chrome Lamborghini Aventador “Project Au79”

Chrome wrapping has turned auto paint into a form of modern art. Sports car owners who are tired of their factory paint are flooding into our wrapping centers so that they can drive away and turn heads at every corner they turn. From accent chrome wrapping to full body installations, custom chrome wrapping is a modern trend for sports car fanatics and everyone who takes pride in the vehicle they drive. When you drive off of the lot at the dealership, you love your vehicle. When you drive out of our service centers, you will be in love with your vehicle. If you are curious about the process of putting chrome wrap on a sportscar, read on and find out why we have become the number one choice for people who want their wraps applied professionally.

Why Are Chrome Wraps So Difficult to Apply?

Chrome wraps are much more difficult to apply than standard vehicle wraps. You might assume that the adhesion process is the same for all wraps, but that’s not the case. When you see a sports car with a chrome wrap on the street, you can see reflections in the paint whenever the vehicle moves. If the technician applying the wrap does not use advanced tools and techniques to apply the wrap, it is very likely that you will see bubbles in the surface or distortion in the mirror image that will affect the appearance of your car. This is why you always need to choose our expert technicians with years of experience in chrome wrapping.

Choosing the Right Adhesives

No car owner should attempt wrapping a car with chrome wrap on their own. Not only do you need to choose a chrome material that is pliable and resistant to the elements, you also need to choose the proper adhesive to bond the wrapping to the surface paint of your vehicle. Choosing the wrong adhesive can cause the wrapping to peel or bubble in just months. We are engineers and we have adhesive selection down to a science. Do not cut corners and choose a sub-par company that uses all of the same materials and adhesives.

Precision is Key

Our skilled professionals know that precision and attention to detail are the keys to successfully applying a custom chrome wrap. At our sophisticated wrapping centers, we use all of the necessary tools and techniques and set the industry standard. Through our labor-intensive process, we guarantee that we will never damage your vehicle and you will always be satisfied with the finished product.

Celebrities, sports car owners, and even auto show participants are choosing chrome wraps to stand out from the crowd. Here at AutoSuperShield, we are experts in vehicle wraps. Let us make your vehicle stand out and preserve its value at the same time with our luxury chrome wrap installation services.

Wendy Feliu