The Process of Putting Carbon Fiber Wrap on a Sportscar
Audi R8 Carbon Fiber and Matte Black Wrap

The Process of Putting Carbon Fiber Wrap on a Sportscar

Audi R8 Carbon Fiber and Matte Black Wrap

Audi R8 Carbon Fiber and Matte Black Wrap at Auto SuperShield

Everyone knows that a vehicle’s paint is what catches the eyes of other drivers on the road. If you are tired of your outdated factory paint, it is time to consider getting a carbon fiber wrap so that you can make your vehicle far from boring and very elegant. We believe that wrapping a car with carbon fiber is one of the most cost effective ways to make your car look like it belongs on the show room floor. Not only can we apply the wrap in a professional manner, we can also remove the wrap if you decide that you are tired of turning heads while you drive by. If you are curious what it takes to apply carbon fiber wrap on a sportscar, read on and see why so many car fanatics choose us.

Understanding the Process

Applying a luxury carbon fiber wrap is a very detailed process that only the most experienced professionals can do right the first time. You cannot simply buy a carbon fiber wrap, adhere it to the surface of your sports car, and expect it to look like it is fresh from the showroom floor. Not only do you need to choose the right wrap material, you also need to use the right bonding material so that the wrap will stay looking new long-term. Here is what we will do for you to ensure your vehicle wrap looks exactly like you want it to:

1. Wash all dirt and debris from the vehicle. The car must be clean enough to eat off to ensure dirt does not prevent the bonding material from adhering your vehicle.

2. Choose the right bonding adhesive based on the type of surface. Our technicians are considered chemists because they are so experienced with bonding materials. Choosing the wrong bonding agent could cause your wrap to come unglued in just months.

3. Professionally fit the wrap and apply the wrap with technologically advanced tools. This is a very detailed process that takes quite a bit of time to complete. Applying the wrap cannot be rushed and the task should never be completed by anyone without experience.

4. Polish the wrap so it stays looking new for years.

At AutoSuperShield, we believe that attention to detail is the key. If you only want the best technicians touching your vehicle, trust us to perform professional wrapping services. From sports cars with weather surfaces to car owners who want to preserve their factory paint job, we deal with all types of different projects and will use our experience to deliver the final results you are looking for.

Wendy Feliu