The Prancing Horse Does It Again

Ferrari revealed its latest creation at the Geneva Auto Show last month. The F12 Berlinetta. The newest pony ready to leave the stable is the fastest street legal Ferrari ever created. The powerhouse is a naturally-aspirated V12! The F12 is ready to challenge the power of Lamborghini Aventador. 80% of torque available from 2,500 rpm rotation and continues to climb until capped out at 8700 rpm. Powerful 740HP supplied via the rear wheels F1 transmission double clutch 7-speed. When testing took place on the famous Fiorano track, the new car set the track record, posting a time of 1:23. This one is meant to be ridden hard and put away wet, which of course worries the smart owner less when his baby has been covered with paint protectant film which can be found through Auto SuperShield.12 Ferrari Berlinetta Car Bra

The entire car is designed to respond to its rider’s desire and look beautiful doing it. The Berlinetta is gorgeous when she’s a blur and let loose and darn pretty when she’s sittin’ still. The car keeps the same style as the 599 with a front-engine rear-wheel layout, however the two cars share no body parts. Preliminary numbers make the F12 a few inches shorter and slightly thinner than its predecessor. Taking styling cues from the Ferrari 458 the headlights are elongated and narrow. The hood curves downwards towards the front and side of the car creating an extremely low drag co-efficient. Ferrari may get some criticism from purists for their “bridges” behind the front wheels which are designed to create down force and actually work.

Ferarri F12 Berlinetta Car Bra

Ferarri F12 Berlinetta Car Bra

For the unveiling of the new car, Ferrari pulled all the stops and shot an action-packed thriller displaying not only the power and abilities of the engine but the brilliant sound as well. Here is a link to the Official F12 Ferrari Berlinetta websitewhich is worth checking out. The F12 Berlinetta proves once again that genetics matter.

Wendy Feliu