The Most Affordable Sports Car on Earth


The thrill that comes with driving a super sports car cannot be completely understood by those people who do not have a liking for them. It is mostly about class, speed and the prestige that comes with it all. The excitement that goes down your spine when you listen to the roaring of the engine is one of the things that make you just want to get one, not to mention the crowds that you are sure to pull as beautiful a sports cars is a head turner. The problem, however, comes when you are told the price.

As they say, good things don’t come cheap. This is the experience for most sports cars shoppers. To get the exact model and style of sports car that you want is not an inexpensive consideration. With budgetary constraints sometimes one is forced to cut down on the features that make the car stand out. It is thus crucial for these fast car lovers to have an idea of which sports cars have the characteristics that they want and that they come in reasonably fair prices. One such car is the Mazda Mx-5 Miata. This four cylinder engine sports car has obtained favorable world rankings as one of the most affordable cars in its classification. Additional to this advantage is its ability to absorb shocks on bumps unlike other sports cars. The Nissan 37Z is another sports car that is within an affordable range for many. Though smaller than most other sports cars, this does not stop it from being among the best in performance as seen through its great responsive steering.

You are also never likely to go wrong with the Scion FR-S. This  car comes with high recommendations for its great value for cash in comparison to its performance. Its affordability becomes further enhanced with its fuel efficiency. This is not very common with many sports cars and it is no wonder that most reviewers recommend the purchase of the FR-S if you are concerned with both speed and saving.

The Ford Mustang is the other good deal. It has a smaller price tag that belies its performance. It is a great pick for sports car lovers since it provides an alternative to the higher priced models without sacrificing performance.

Wendy Feliu