Customize your Exotic Car at Auto SuperShield

The Latest Trend in Sports Car Customization

Customize your Exotic Car at Auto SuperShield

Customize your Exotic Car at Auto SuperShield

Your car is undoubtedly a very important part of your life, and even an extension of your personality. On the road, your car makes the first impression – you’re simply the driver. It is for this reason that sports car customization is so popular. Sports cars are already beautiful technological toys, and the temptation to improve their looks even further lies in the heart of every owner. Online customization tools are the latest trend in car customization, and are becoming increasingly available on the websites of auto manufacturer’s and aftermarket parts dealers.

These days, owners don’t even have to wait until their car is off the lot to have it made into an incredibly personalized vehicle. A great example of the online customization options currently available is offered by Ford. The online Mustang customizer is simply astounding, and offers an unprecedented variety of customization options for the Mustang V6, GT, Boss® 302 and Shelby GT500. How to customize your sports car? There are a thousand ways to do it.

The 2012 Mustang Customizer (soon to be available for the 2013 models) allows anyone to create the car of their dreams. A relatively in-depth color customizer is only the tip of the iceberg – customers can choose from any combination of the different options available for every feature of the car’s exterior ranging from the deck lid to the hood and the grille. Alternate door handles, headlights, hoodpins and side mirrors are just a few of the many customization options available.

The Mustang Customizer also includes Facebook connectivity, letting you show off the customized Mustang that you’ve created. Once your car is saved, you can enter into Battle Mode and see how your dream Mustang stacks up against those that others have created. In Battle Mode you can not only get inspiration from other people’s designs, but also vote for your favorites and challenge your friends. Even if you’re not in the market for a new Mustang, it’s fun to create beautifully customized cars, see the cars dreamed up by your friends, and appreciate the fantastic capabilities of this great new online automotive technology.

If imports are more your style, H Modder™, found at, lets you tailor two different models of 1990’s Honda Civics (both a sedan and a three-door model) to your tastes. While the selection of cars available for customization is a bit limited, the customization options themselves are in-depth and plentiful. H Modder’s customizable features include a wealth of aftermarket body styles, lighting options, wheels and suspension systems, that are accurately represented on the car as you choose them.

Even if you’re not the owner of an old Civic, H Modder’s customization tools do allow you to see what different combinations of aftermarket parts look like when they’re installed together on an automobile. You don’t have to own a Honda Civic to find fun and inspiration on this website.

When you put your hard-earned money into aftermarket parts for your sports car, it’s always important to protect them and keep them looking their best. Whether your car was customized for you at the factory or pieced together yourself and blended to the rest of the car with a fresh coat of paint, Auto SuperShield’s 3M protection film ensures that both the factory parts and the aftermarket accessories on your car will continue to look like new for the life of the car. Protect your investment, and make a good impression on the road, with Auto SuperShield’s 3M protection film.

What do you think are the latest trends in sports car customization? How are you planning on customizing yours?

Wendy Feliu