The Lamborghini SuperLeggera - Sleek, sexy and very fast – Wrapped in a Clear Satin Paint Protection Film.

June 20, 2020

Don't blink or you will miss this incredible automobile as it flies by you. In fact, the Lamborghini SuperLeggera has more in common with your average jet plane than it does with any other vehicle on the highway. Truly, this sleek machine is a marvel of modern engineering and elegant design coupled with a sexiness you won't find from any other automaker.[vc_video link='']This SuperLeggera came to Auto SuperShield wrapped in olive green vinyl material. Yes, very drab indeed! The material had to be removed and all adhesive cleaned off to reveal the original glossy, black paint underneath. The owner liked the color black, but wanted something a little more aggressive looking and original than a glossy finish. After weeks of deliberating the different finishes and textured films that we have to offer, he decided on the clear, satin paint protection film for the new “skin”. This satin film, both durable and stealth, was a clear choice for what our client was searching for. We also added the SuperLeggera stripe package to break up the color a bit.[image_with_text image='' title='' title_color='' title_tag=''][/image_with_text]Of course you have to dress up the look with a nice set of wheels, so the client went with some beautiful AVD1 Wheels. A special “thank you” to the president of AVD1 wheels for the awesome photos he shared with us from a photo shoot in beautiful Miami featuring this SuperLeggera.[image_with_text image='' title='' title_color='' title_tag=''][/image_with_text]Without a doubt, Lamborghini set the bar just a little higher for everyone else when designing the SuperLeggera. In the front, the famous pointed nose has been framed by two large air intakes for cooling the radiator allowing drivers to drive faster and longer without worrying about a pesky engine overheating. In the rear, 4 ceramic coated exhausts are framed by a perfectly balanced carbon fiber diffuser ensuring that the vehicle will hug the road allowing you to drive with much more control at high speed.Indeed, with its incredibly low power to weight ratio this car looks as if it were built more for the racetrack than your average Sunday drive. Lamborghini accomplished this by incorporating a structural aluminum space frame which is welded to cast aluminum joints. The body itself hangs on this frame and is largely composed of carbon fiber and thermoplastics, although some aluminum has also been used to comprise the body.[image_with_text image='' title='' title_color='' title_tag=''][/image_with_text]Since no Lamborghini is complete without a top of the line suspension, the Lamborghini SuperLeggera doesn't disappoint. With a double-wishbone configuration in both the front and rear, the vehicle rides like a dream. Furthermore, the rack and pinion steering has been paired with Pirelli PZero Corsa 235/35 ZR19 tires married to aluminum hubs that are not only light, but also sufficiently strong enough to handle the stresses of high speed maneuvering.For the safety and image conscious, the vehicle has plenty of airbags and a set of carbo-ceramic ventilated disc brakes in both the front and rear. They won't stop you on a dime at 150 mph, but they will come pretty close. For the interior, Lamborghini's designers have been up to their old tricks and have made virtually every component and accessory customizable in your choice of leathers, suede, and colors.[image_with_text image='' title='' title_color='' title_tag=''][/image_with_text]Of course, the engine is the heart and soul of the Lamborghini SuperLeggera. With 10 cylinders and a common-pin crankshaft, it's capable of churning out 570 HP @ 8000 RPM and will propel you down the road from 0-60 in 3.4 seconds and can reach a maximum speed of 200 mph. Although, our customer was not satisfied with engine performance and decided on a pair of turbo’s and some added boost. Some stiffer lower springs were needed on all four corners to help control launching with 1300 HP on tap. Did you notice the exhaust flames in the video? Yes, this is one “fire breathing” beast of a car!If you want to see all the photos of this beautiful exotic please visit our Face Book page at:   [image_with_text image='' title='' title_color='' title_tag=''][/image_with_text]


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