The Cost of Tesla’s Ceramic Coating for your Vehicle

March 7, 2023

The Cost of Tesla’s Ceramic Coating for your Vehicle

Tesla’s drive appeal is without question. But when you add in the smooth lines and glossy good looks—well… You’ve probably already fallen head-over-heels in love with your ride.

However (brace yourself), if there’s one aspect that the premium car manufacturer falls down on it’s the factory-fitted protective paintwork. This is the number one reason many people take the plunge and get an aftermarket ceramic coating installed

The following looks at what you should expect to pay for a top-class job and the reasons that it’s worth getting it done.

Everything You Need to Know about a Tesla Ceramic Coating

  • Why get a Tesla ceramic coating
  • Cost! Tesla ceramic coating uncovered…

Why get a Tesla ceramic coating

When your Tesla leaves the factory, the paintwork is perfect. However, it doesn’t take long before the outside world begins to take its toll. Even the most careful of owners will soon begin to see the effects of the environment. Stone chips, bird poop, tree sap, acid rain, salt, and more… These all play a part in gradually removing the luster and beauty of that shiny paintwork.

While this occurs on every vehicle, it’s particularly noticeable on the Tesla Model 3. Any online search will bring up the woes of many who’ve experienced chipping and flaking—especially around the wheel arches and fenders.

The simple solution is the application of a ceramic coating. However—and this is important—the very best time to do this is before any paint degradation occurs. 

The advantages of a Tesla ceramic coating are many:

  • Paint protection: Small stone chips and environmental damage are prevented from reaching the factory paintwork, meaning it stays pristine for longer. Just be aware that you should clean away bird poop and tree sap as quickly as possible because of the acidic components.
  • Dirt doesn’t stick: Or to be more precise, it doesn’t stick so easily. This makes cleaning a much simpler affair—plus, you don’t need to do it so often.
  • No need to wax—ever! Giving you back a day of your life every few weeks…
  • Shine—Shine—Shine: A ceramic coating provides an incredible crystalline shine. This is especially effective on metallic paintwork.
  • Can be applied to most surfaces: Even plastic

This all sounds wonderful. So, of course—the next question is going to be how much all this is going to cost…

Cost! Tesla ceramic coating uncovered

Before we hit the figures, you should be aware of the work involved to install a high-quality, professional ceramic coating.

The first step is to clean the vehicle. By this, we mean cleaning within an inch of its life. Every nook and cranny needs to be spotless, and all paintwork should be clay barred. Paint correction must take place (forget any detailer who says this isn’t necessary) and the application process should take place in a semi-sterile and dust-free environment.

Once the prep is completed, installing the ceramic coating can take anything up to a couple of days. This is dependent on the number of coatings and whether you’re having the complete vehicle covered.

Getting onto the price… Well, you can probably find detailers who offer the service for $700+. However, when you understand what’s needed to carry out the ultimate job, you can see that such a low price will have to cut costs somewhere. A good ceramic coating installation starts at around $1,000-$2,000. The ultimate products and expertise will command higher fees—it’s possible to find those costing anything up to $10K or so.

Be sure to do your homework before deciding on an installer. Questions to ask include:

  • What experience do they have?
  • What product do they use?
  • How long is the guarantee? (The best products come with a 4-year guarantee)
  • What paintwork preparation is carried out?
  • How many coatings will be applied?
  • Do you have a dedicated dust-free environment to carry out the work?
  • Can you see examples of previous installations?

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When it comes to ceramic coating expertise and product quality, our service is second-to-none. Our bespoke ceramic coatings are carried out in our semi-sterile environment following meticulous cleaning and paint correction. That way, you’re guaranteed the incredible finish and paint protection that you expect—plus our premium product comes with a 4-year guarantee.

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