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The Best Way to Wash and Wax your Sportscar (#2)

car wash

The choice of what type of vehicle we drive is often influenced by our lifestyle. People from all walks of life commonly prefer the thrill of a sleek two-door sportscar, in lieu of the bulkier midsize and full size vehicles. And age is definitely not an option with regard to the sports car enthusiast. In many cases, you can argue that some of us probably love our sports car as much as our job and/or pet. So when our automobile needs a major repair, we can only imagine how many panic attacks ensue! Even worse, what if the sports car is our only mode of transportation?

That brings us to the discussion of which is the best direction to pursue if you need emergency auto repair for your sports car. A Popular Mechanics article, “Confessions of a Car Dealership Service Manager” posed the issue of where you should take your vehicle for repair, a dealership or your local mechanic. Although most know dealerships charge up to 30 percent more, there are still advantages for this option. Regardless which you choose, the key is to immediately prepare a checklist for your sports car.

An excellent strategy for finding auto parts for an old or new sports car, is to thoroughly learn the good and bad of buying used against buying new. For example, it might be wiser to purchase certain electrical parts new, because most used parts dealers do not offer warranties for items like spark plugs. Unfortunately, the only option for some is to buy used, because sometimes the only place to find an alternator for an antique or rare sports car is in salvage yards. That is because auto parts commonly fall under the circumstance of being discontinued, or have to be ordered from overseas.

One of the best strategies for avoiding problems with regard to auto parts, is to budget ahead of time. Budgeting at least three weeks in advance for something as simple as an oil change, is essentially prolonging the life of your vehicle. Now planning an emergency repair might not be inviting if your sports car is malfunctioning, but thankfully you can use some of tips discussed to correct your issue. After you fix your vehicle problem, initiate an easy checklist by comparing the prices for new and auto parts at junkyards, and auto parts shops. This may increase your chances of securing deals for the future. Also, get acquainted with your local mechanic’s skills and prices, just because they can repair an auto body, does not necessarily mean they can repair automobiles.

Wendy Feliu