The Best Sportscar News Blogs
car and driver blog

The Best Sportscar News Blogs

car and driver blogThe internet is a great place for driving enthusiasts because any tidbit of news is instantly distributed across the entire web. This means that you can get your information immediately, and the best sportscar news blogs will let you know what you should buy before you even head out to the lot. Here are the top sportscar news blogs.

1. Car and Driver

Car and Driver’s blog is a supplement to the magazine, covering all the minutiae and details that the official magazine can’t handle. It is updated as fast as possible, 24 hours a day, making it a great place for checking out the latest news. They also conduct exclusive interviews and research, making it a first-check place for most drivers.

2. C-Net’s Car Blog

C-Net focuses more on the consumer aspect than the industry, making it an excellent place to go if you know you will be buying a car in the near future. With excellent reviews and reporting, C-Net’s car blog lets you know a lot about small commuter vehicles in addition to the big engine powerhouses. It also provides a lot of useful information concerning accident reports and recalls.

3. CoverCars

CoverCars focuses primarily on the industry aspects of the car world, making it a great place to go for news of new cars, developing models, and other exclusive info. There is also a lot of analysis and study of independent and upcoming designs, making CoverCars a great option for finding out about small startups and student designs.

4. Fast Cars Blog

Focusing primarily on supercars and hypercars, the Fast Cars Blog is a great place for information on Porsche, Ferrari and other high-speed cars. Emphasizing more on community and fandom than ownership or sale, it is an excellent place to go for information regarding upcoming models you’d love to own or drive, but which are too expensive for that to be practical.

5. Motor Trend’s Blog

A supplement to the Motor Trend magazine, the Motor Trend blog has a superb number of exclusive interviews, reports and in-depth examinations. This enables its readers to get more information more accurately and quicker than at any other blog. The magazine’s many years of industry experience also gives them incomparable access.

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