The Benefits of Ceramic Coating After a Paint Correction Service

March 7, 2023

The Benefits of Ceramic Coating After a Paint Correction Service

A paint correction service can truly overhaul the aesthetics of a vehicle. The time and effort (not to mention the expense) of having this done professionally can’t be overstated. 

However, once it’s been done, you’re surely going to want to protect that beautiful façade. By far the best way to do this is with a top-grade ceramic coating (and we’re not talking about those DIY options that cost minimal bucks at your local car store—we’ll let you know why in a mo.)

The following looks at how and why ceramic coating is the perfect complementary addition to any restorative paint correction service.

Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating: The perfect bedfellows

  • What is paint correction?
  • What is ceramic coating?

What is paint correction?

The easiest way to describe paint correction is the repairing and restoring of a factory paintwork finish. It removes any paint chips, and scratches, as well as the microscopic paint damage that—over time—is what’s responsible for paint fade and the lackluster look that all cars suffer after a few years on the road.

To do so, the protective clear top coating needs to be removed. This is a sensitive process, often requiring professional tools, such as a buffer. Once the paintwork is accessible, it then must be carefully polished to exactly the right degree. Too little and the damage or wear will still be there—too much, and you run the risk of buffing right down to the metal surface!

Once the service is completed, a wax (with color, if needed) is applied, followed by replacing the protective top layer. While this could be as simple as top wax, the ultimate way is to install a ceramic coating.

What is ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating is a chemical compound that bonds to the surface of your vehicle. Once cured, it becomes an integral element of the paintwork. It’s ultra-clear and, thanks to containing nano-ceramic particles, reflects the light to bring a shine that has to be seen to be believed.

Now, it’s important to define the difference between a professional ceramic coating and the products that you can pick up from a car store for a few bucks and use yourself.

The former can only be carried out by a professional detailer. It will involve meticulous cleaning prep and paint correction before the application of multiple layers of ceramic coating. The process takes a minimum of a couple of days, thanks to the time it takes to prepare the paintwork and the need for each layer to cure. Ideally, it should also be carried out in a semi-sterile environment, so no contaminants can stick to the coating as it cures.

This is very different from the DIY products on the market. These can be thought of as car-wax-on-steroids. Yes, it’s better than traditional wax, but it’s no way near the quality of a professional install. Plus, you still need to carry out the prep and you should really do it in a dust-free environment. 

A DIY option can last anything from 1-6 months. This is in stark contrast to a professional service, of which the highest quality will come with a 4-year guarantee.

The benefits of a professional ceramic coating are many, including:

  • Protects the paintwork for many years.
  • Helps keep the car clean, as it’s hydrophobic. This means water and dirt beads and rolls away.
  • Makes the car shine in a way that no amount of waxing can ever achieve.
  • Increases the value of the car—both today and for future resale value.

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