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The benefits of an Automotive Clear Bra for your treasured car

The benefits of an Automotive Clear Bra for your treasured car

The benefits of an Automotive Clear Bra for your treasured car

An Automotive Clear Bra is essentially an invisible shield for your car. Also called paint protection film, the Clear Bra provides a valuable service to your treasured car that many people don’t consider. These undetectable protective films are designed to prevent damage to your vehicle’s paint finish. The sad truth is that various everyday items can cause damage to the paint finish. Gravel, road salt, stones, debris, insects and even the elements — such as rain, sun, wind, hail and sleet — can damage your vehicle’s paint. If, however, you have invested in a clear vehicle bra, any marks left behind will appear on the protective film and not on the paint. The protective film can be removed and replaced, which is much cheaper than trying to remove the chip, scratch or dent from the vehicle’s paint finish. Protection against the elements and flying objects that are kicked up and onto your car while driving is just one of the many benefits provided by an Automotive Clear Bra. Other benefits include:

Long Lasting

If applied properly, an Automotive Clear Bra will adhere to the paint surface of your vehicle without cracking, bubbling or peeling. Furthermore, Clear Bra is made from high quality materials that won’t discolor or yellow over time.


Automotive Clear Bra won’t harm your vehicle’s paint even if it needs to be removed or replaced. So if you decide you no longer want the automotive bra on your vehicle, it can be removed easily without any damage to the paint surface.

Nonintrusive and Low Maintenance

Even though the clear film protects your treasured car, it won’t alter the look of the vehicle.  Once installed, you won’t even know it is there. Automotive bras typically have a 30-day curing period, but once that is over, you are free to wash, wax and care for the exterior of your vehicle as you normally would.

Preserve Market Value

The market for high-end vehicles is completely different than the economy vehicle market. Treasured cars that had a limited amount of models made don’t automatically begin to decline in value like most other vehicles. Protecting the original paint finish can help preserve the market value of your car. An Automotive Clear Bra is just one of the ways you can help protect the market value of your treasured vehicle.


Some brands of automotive clear bras offer a warranty up to 5 years. This gives potential buyers peace of mind that they will get what they paid for, even if the clear bra doesn’t perform as expected.

If you want to ensure that your treasured car’s paint finish stays looking its best, consider investing in an Automotive Clear Bra. Learn More >

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