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Ford Raptor

The 2013 Ford Raptor – Check out this stunning vehicle with a Satin Paint Protection Wrap!

You could simply drive your car to and from work, bored and blasé. Or, you could love your ride, and make every outing, whether it is a road trip or even just a trip to the grocery store, an adventure. For those who choose the second, there is the 2013 Ford Raptor, a monster of a vehicle that blends style and comfort with convenience and adventure. The 2013 Ford Raptor is an all- American ride that is proud and intensive, and perfect for all terrains.

It’s amazing how powerful the internet and video is today.  Josh, owner of this Raptor, found us on line while working with the United States military in Afghanistan. He viewed some of Auto SuperShield’s “Shield TV” videos on line and the Audi R8GT wrapped in a Satin Paint Protection Film wrap caught his eye and the rest is history.  He called to inquire about the process and pricing, booked an appointment for his Raptor to have a satin wrap installed in two months when he was due to arrive back to the U.S.  Dropped the truck off for a few days for the wrap to be installed and then he was off to the great unknown driving one sleek, mean, fully protected for the off road experience, bad ass Raptor!  Take a look at the video:

The SVT Raptor is already known for its versatility and beautiful Handling. Now in its third year, the 2013 brings the heat with a new set of forged aluminum conventional wheels (with optional extra-capable bead locks), as well as more “functional” additions, like a more advanced set of brakes and added safety features. You still get the 6.2 liter V8 engine, kicking a total of 411 horsepower and 434 pounds of torque for a huge amount of power to all six speeds of your automatic transmission.

The stylish design of this heavy duty pickup means that you almost forget it is made for business. The “FORD” in the grille means you never forget what you are driving, while the wheel flares are aggressive and intensive. HID headlights brighten up your ride at night, and a color palette of tuxedo black, oxford white, ingot silver metallic, and race red customizes your ride like no one’s business. Add the awesome, excellent car wrap option and there is no doubt that the 2013 Ford Raptor is not only number one in safety, but also in style.

Ford Raptor Wrapped in a Satin Paint Protection Wrap!

Ford Raptor Wrapped in a Satin Paint Protection Wrap!

Inside, you get total comfort on all terrains. Leather and cloth seating gives you a cool, sophisticated, yet still masculine feel. Bolsters on the seat wraps help you and your passengers to hold on as you thrash and throttle, while adjustable seats give you comfort on the highway and more. Bit of a tech freak? The MyFord System, with an 8 inch LCD screen in the center stack and another, smaller screen in the instrument cluster, 5-way controls mounted on the steering wheel, and gauges for trip computing, fuel economy, towing, and more makes this vehicle super utilitarian.  XM radio, song tagging, personalization, and 911 Assistance all offer added ease. Options like a front mounted camera for off- road clearance and turn by turn navigation all say one thing- convenience.
There are many off- road/ on- road vehicles out there, with a variety of price ranges and power gauges. Weighing in at under $50,000, the Ford Raptor is a bargain for all you get, and it brings the style and the sizing with ultimate expertise.

Wendy Feliu