Strategies for Finding Parts for your Older Sportcar
1963 Aston Martin DB5

Strategies for Finding Parts for your Older Sportcar

1963 Aston Martin DB5

Vintage sportcar parts may prove challenging to trace, especially if the car manufacturer or dealers are not producing them any longer. On the other hand, the parts might be available in the market, but at exorbitant prices. There are many things you should know that will help you to find elusive car parts, including your car make, model, year of manufacture, and the specifications.

  1. Classifieds

You can find a variety of vintage car parts from the classified ads in local newspapers, as well as online classifieds such as Kijiji and Craiglist among others. Online classifieds are very convenient since they enable you to widen the search parameters to include neighboring towns, or even go nationwide or international. Other important sources include ads on trade magazines such as “AutaBuy” and “Sports Car Market.”

  1. Auto Parts Websites

Auto parts websites such as Auto Parts Warehouse, Car Parts Wholesale, Classic Car Parts Giant, and Oldparts offer a variety of parts for different cars, with some of the sites specializing in vintage parts. You can view the list of parts that they have to offer depending on the car model, make, and year of manufacture. In addition, they come with search, filter and price comparison tools that enable you to easily trace your car parts and find the best deals.

3. Junkyards & used part dealers

Visit or call the local used part dealers and junkyards to see if the parts that you are looking for are available. In addition, you can visit their websites to view the list of car parts that they have to offer. Even if the dealers don’t have these parts, they may use their connections to refer you to the right dealers.

  1. Auctions

You should participate in classic car auctions within your locality to see if you can find some of the parts for your car. These events are very useful since you could use them to network with vendors, as well as find some leads for your parts. In addition, you should look through online auction sites such as eBay.

  1. Car Clubs & online enthusiast’s forums

Join local clubs and online forums, where you will be able to interact with fellow car enthusiasts. The advantage of these antique car enthusiasts’ groups is that the members share a common interest in various car makes or models. The members are also very knowledgeable on various aspects concerning these cars and parts. You’ll be able to network and get useful leads on the parts that you are seeking.

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