Storage Options for Your Sports Cars
AC Cobra

Storage Options for Your Sportscars

We know that your sports car is an investment. Usually this investment extends past money; there is also usually an investment of time and energy as well. The upkeep for a sports car can be more demanding for a standard car. Things like the kind of gas you use, the kind of tires you use and even where you store your car are going to be different than it would be for someone driving a Dodge Caravan.

Typically, the biggest difference between a sports car and a standard car is how often you drive. Most people who own a sports car drive limited miles or only at certain times of the year.

AC Cobra

AC Cobra

Storage Options for Your Sports Car

Open Air Storage

Open-air storage means that you’re storing your car out in the open without any kind of shelter. This is the cheapest option available for car storage — outside of parking it in your own garage — and it is not recommended for protection from the elements. Even using a car cover isn’t going to protect your car from the damage that can be caused by extreme temperatures and moisture.

Semi-Open Storage

Semi-open storage is storage that provides shelter for your sports car but the storage is open air. What this means is that you’re car is parked on grass or on a concrete slab underneath a metal overhang or tent. While this isn’t the ideal method for storing your sports car, it’s still better than open-air storage in our book.

Closed Storage

You have two options when it comes to closed storage. You have standard closed storage or temperature controlled storage. We’re sure you can guess which one we recommend. Temperature controlled closed storage is far more expensive than your other options; however, it provides you with the ultimate protection.

A temperature controlled storage facility offers more than just heat and air. This kind of facility is monitored for humidity levels so that the moisture in the air is always kept at the perfect levels.

How to Store Your Car Properly

Choosing the right storage is important, but take our word for it when we say that storing your sports car correctly is important as well. Before you store you sports car have it washed and waxed. Change the oil after the car is stored to prevent the impurities in old oil from damaging your engine. Fill the tank with gas and use a stabilizer to prolong its freshness. Lastly, put your car up on blocks and reduce the pressure in your tires.

We recommend you consider using Auto Super Shield as a vehicle wrap for your car. It will protect it from the harsher elements and eliminate the need for an environmentally controlled environment. Not only does it protect your car, but it’s also an inexpensive way to give your car a custom look without spending a fortune.

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