South Florida’s Tesla Paint Protection Club

December 24, 2022

The Tesla Motors Club has many members, but have you heard about South Florida’s Tesla Paint Protection Club? This is the region-specific, professional providers of both PPF and ceramic coating to owners and drivers of Tesla cars 

Read on to discover more about why you should consider becoming a member of this exclusive group.

Paint Protection in South Florida: Tesla and other prestige marques

Paint protection choices

The unique South Florida climate

Join South Florida’s Tesla Paint Protection Club

Paint protection choices

When it comes to paint protection—professional paint protection, that is—it boils down to two options:

  • Paint protection film (PPF)


  • Ceramic coating

It’s also possible to combine the two for truly awesome protective abilities. But more about that in a mo…

Paint protection film involves covering the vehicle (or perhaps strategic panels) in an invisible, tough, thermoplastic urethane that guards the paintwork beneath from damage. 

It does so by:

  • Preventing paint fade from UV rays: Something that’s especially relevant in the hot South Florida climate
  • Guarding against chemical attacks: Such as tree sap, acid rain, bird droppings, and salt damage (The latter being very important in our oceanside environment)
  • Protection against physical damage: From stone chips, twigs, and other objects
  • Having hydrophobic properties: By repelling water, dirt-laden moisture simply beads and rolls away. In turn, this also helps with keeping the car clean
  • Self-healing: If any damage does occur, it happens to the PPF, rather than the paintwork. By pouring some warm water over the area, the film will magically revert to its original form

Ceramic coating is the application of a liquid that contains microscopic elements of ceramic. This so-called nanotechnology bonds to the paint below, creating an uber-hard, perfectly clear layer that not only protects, but also makes the paint shine in a manner that no amount of polishing or waxing can ever achieve. It also protects from UV rays, chemical attacks, and physical damage. It’s also extremely hydrophobic, so it really does mean a cleaner car for longer

The unique South Florida climate

In South Florida, the sunny, salty climate makes it even more vital to protect your Tesla’s paintwork. The following defines why this is:

  • We have an average of 237 days of sunshine per year, well beating the nationwide average of 205
  • While the average daily temperature is around 72 degrees F, this is much higher during the summer months. The UV ray attack is, therefore, extremely high (and we can’t put sunscreen on a car…)
  • Our wonderful oceanside location means that there’s constantly a high level of salt in the air. This is highly abrasive, causing constant damage to every part of a Tesla’s paintwork

Join South Florida’s Tesla Paint Protection Club 

Ready to join the exclusive club? Then you have a choice to make. Are you going to:

  • a) Opt for PPF?
  • b) Splash out on ceramic coating?


  • c) combine the properties of both, creating the utmost level of paint protection that will see your Tesla’s paintwork remain pristine for years to come?

The decision, as they say, is yours alone…

Is Auto SuperShield the Best Place to Join South Florida’s Tesla Paint Protection Club?

You betcha ass it is… Not only do we offer the highest grades of PPF and ceramic coatings, but our installation technicians are truly the best in the business.  Many providers offer paint protection as an add-on to their “real” trade.

Not us… For Auto SuperShield, it’s all we do. That’s why we can honestly say that we really are one of (if not the) best in the business.

But don’t just take our word for it. Head to for more info and then call today and put us to the test…


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