2012 Fisker Karma Showing Off our Revolutionary Paint Protection Film

Showing Off Our Revolutionary Film on a Revolutionary Car a 2012 Fisker Karma

We recently had an opportunity to work on the Fisker Karma, a very unique luxury hybrid vehicle. This luxury vehicle represents the future of automotive motoring, thanks to its impressive styling, hybrid electric drivetrain and use of eco-friendly materials. This is definitely a vehicle that is deserving of the best paint protection on the market.


Our latest project involves covering the entire vehicle with paint protection film. Because its a Fisker Karma, it made the project that much more fun. We’re using the new Ultimate Self-Healing Paint Protection Film available from XPEL. It’s a full protection wrap that prevents the underlying paint from scratches and other damage that happens over the course of a vehicle’s life. Not only will the Karma’s painted surfaces benefit from this protective film, we will also cover the windshield with a safety coating to prevent scratches and pitting.

Fisker Karma Photo

Protecting the beautiful “diamond paint” on a 2012 Fisker Karma

The owner of this Fisker Karma requested that the entire vehicle be covered with the XPEL protective film, so we’re wrapping every inch of this vehicle in this material. The hood, bumpers, doors and headlamps will receive a carefully-applied layer of the protective film. The rear trunk lid, quarter panels and roof will also get the same treatment.

XPEL’s Self-Healing Paint Protection Film not only protects the Karma’s wonderful painted finish, it also heals its own scratches within a matter of hours. The film employs a special four-layer wrap with elastomeric polymers. These polymers allow the film to “heal” itself over time, covering up swirl marks and other fine scratches automatically. The film also repels contaminants that tend to stain or yellow other films. Auto SuperShield enjoys using this product thanks to its impressive clarity and protective properties.

Other shops usually leave seams in the material that makes it obvious there is a wrap. Auto SuperShield takes the time to make sure the wrap blends in as seamlessly into the vehicle as possible. When we’re finished with this project, no one will be able to tell there is a protective wrap on the vehicle at all.

Protecting the paint on a Fisker is the same as any other car – it needs to be done right. We’re ecstatic about this opportunity to get a hands-on experience with a truly one-of-a-kind vehicle. Once we’re finished, the owner will have a Fisker Karma with a completely protected paint finish.



Wendy Feliu