Should You Wax Your Sports Car? The Pros & Cons

A common question that we are asked is should you wax your sports car. When asked this, we have always said yes, although we have learned that there is a better way to take care of the paint on your car.

There are actually several benefits to applying wax to a car that you should consider. It’s important, however, that you choose a high quality wax for your car. There are some waxes that are cheaply made and aren’t worth the effort that it takes to wax your car. A good wax is expensive; you don’t want to go cheap on this one, especially when you’re talking about a pricey sports car.

2012 Ferrari California Coupe

2012 Ferrari California Coupe

The Benefits of Applying Wax to Your Car

One of the biggest benefits to waxing your car is that it provides a level of protection from UV rays. It’s important to note, however, that not every wax contains UV protective qualities, so you need to look for a wax that offers this protection. An ingredient to look for to ensure a wax offers protection is polyurethane.

UV rays actually work to degrade the paint on your car through oxidation. Oxidation is the process by which an electron is lost when a substance in an object comes in contact with a substance from another object. In this case, the oxygen is affected by the UV rays; the oxygen then interacts with the paint on your car causing the paint to become dull.

Wax also helps to prevent rust on a car. It does this by filling up microscopic pits and scratches that are present on any car that is driven on the road. While the presence of these elements may not be evident to you, they are there, and they will cause slow rusting of the metal on your car.

Lastly, waxing your car makes it easier to clean. The wax prevents dirt from settling into the above-motioned pits and cracks and helps to keep your car clean. What’s more, your car will dry easily and there will be far less streaking if you let your car air dry.

The Downsides to Applying Wax to Your Car

One con to waxing is that wax can be costly. We have found luxury car wax that cost as much as $250 per container. We aren’t suggesting that you have to buy such expensive wax, only letting you know that it’s out there.

On average, you can expect to pay between $30 and $50 for a great high quality wax. For some, this is unaffordable while others find that this cost is fine compared to the cost of their sports car.

The other issue is that many waxes are hygroscopic. What this means is that they attract water molecules. This isn’t a big deal on the body of your car where the wax meets the paint, but anywhere that touches metal can cause extreme rusting. It’s important that all of the wax is properly polished off to prevent this issue.

Lastly, waxing is time consuming. It can take hours to do the job properly and many waxes require a treatment every 45 days. You have to be committed to this process.

If you want to avoid waxing, Auto Super Shield does a great job protecting the look of your car with a paint protective film. This wrap not only protects your paint but can also be used to change the look of your car without the expense of a custom paint job.

Wendy Feliu