Should You Tint Your Car Windows?

June 20, 2020
Tinted car windows

For some drivers, window tint is a no-brainer; for others, it’s an important decision that requires some thought. If you fall into the second group of people, use this article as a starting point for your decision. If you’re just looking for the short answer, it’s rarely (if ever) a bad idea to tint your car windows. There are of course some factors that may prevent you from tinting your windows—such as a lease agreement that prevents any vehicle modifications or aesthetic concerns about how your car will look with window tint—but in almost all cases the benefits of window tint far outweigh the very few drawbacks.

Questions to Ask Yourself

If you’re on the fence about tinted car windows, answering these questions can help you decide once and for all whether it’s right for you—and your car.

  1. Do you have a leather interior? Automotive window tint film can extend the life of your leather seats and upholstery by blocking UV rays that can cause leather to warp, fade, and crack.
  2. Do you want to stay cool while driving? Infrared-blocking window tint film can make a noticeable difference inside your car, especially during the summertime.
  3. Do you want more privacy inside your vehicle? Tinted windows help guard your personal privacy and can even help prevent break-ins by hiding valuable items that might attract an unsavory criminal element.
  4. Do you want to upgrade your car’s looks? Let’s face it, tinted windows are sexy. Dark window tint films in particular can transform your ride from mild mannered to mysterious and menacing.
  5. Do you have the budget for premium window tint film? We’re not suggesting you take out a second mortgage to buy 24-karat gold tint film, but as with most other things you get what you pay for. Cheap window tint film is more likely to bubble, peel, turn purple, and simply not perform as well as a premium film from the likes of 3M, Spectra, or Suntek.

Pros and Cons of Window Tint

Although this is not an exhaustive list of pros and cons, these are some of the most noted benefits and drawbacks of window tint that can help you decide if this option is worth pursuing.

Benefits of Window Tint

  • Some automotive window tint films can significantly reduce the heat inside of your car during the summer months. 3M Crystalline window films, for example, reject up to 97% of the sun’s heat producing infrared light and block up to 60% of the heat coming through the windows.
  • During a car accident, jagged shards of glass can cause serious cuts and lacerations. Although window tint film will not make your windows shatter-proof, it will help hold little pieces of glass together in the event of a car accident, minimizing the risk of cuts and scratches.
  • You probably don’t think about putting on sunscreen when going for a drive, but you can easily get a sunburn sitting in traffic for a few hours with non-tinted windows. Top-of-the-line window tint films block 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, significantly lowering your risk of skin damage.

Drawbacks of Window Tint

  • If you select a very dark window tint film, you may experience lower visibility, especially at night. Although this is not an issue for many people, if you are worried about lower visibility you can go with a lighter tint film—there are even completely transparent window tint films!
  • In rare cases, window tint may get you in trouble with the law. Each state has restrictions on how dark window tint can be, which means you might accidently go beyond the legal limit if you tint your own car windows or hire a shady installer. Reputable car window tint shops will tell you the exact amount of window tinting allowed and where it can be installed so you can drive with confidence that your tinted windows are legal.
  • Low-quality tint film may crack, bubble, or peel over time, which is unsightly and may have reduce your visibility. Fortunately, there’s a way around this: purchase well-reviewed, high-quality window tint film and have it professionally installed by experts.

Get a Window Tint Quote Today

If you live in South Florida, visit the premium window tint experts at Auto Super Shield and let us tell you exactly how much it will be to tint your car windows. We can also explain all the different types of window tint so you can feel confident selecting the best tint film for your vehicle. Browse our automotive window tint films online or call us at 561-367-0101 to speak with a tint expert today.


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