Cavallino Valet car

Reason #4 – Why Auto Enthusiasts get their Dream Car

Cavallino The Breakers Auto SuperShield
Time is money and also prestige. Cars can save us time and are clearly status symbols for some. There are certain perks that go along with having a luxurious car and Convenience is a major perk.
If you ever got frustrated with Hotel parking or ogled the cars parked right in front, then Reason #4 is just for you…

For Reason #4

The Valet Always parks your car in Front
We pull up for Cavallino at the Breakers in Palm Beach. Amazing! There are hundreds of Ferrari’s parked on the front lawn! And for the rest of the year, each owner gets front row parking at every location she pulls up to. Now that’s riding like a Queen!

Just being able to pull up to the front door and hand over the keys to the valet, and then know that the car would be right there for you when you get back is part of the Dream Car experience. The only thing you have to worry about now… is if the Valets are out cruisin’ the town!, 3M Paint Protection, clear bras and Paint Protection Packages

Check out the Cars in the Valet Parking at the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai… What A Hot Collection!

Wendy Feliu