Sharpie Lambo Auto SuperShield Paint Protection Film

Reason #2 – Why Auto Enthusiasts Get their Dream Car

Sharpie Lambo Auto SuperShield Paint Protection Film

Yesterday, we spoke about the latest cars being the Ultimate Chick Magnet. Today’s reason why Auto Enthusiasts go out and get their dream car, might be a bit of a no-brainer.

2. You Own the Road

(And or the Dealership!) Look at that slick, new Lambo a few car lengths up. Wow! That driver is sooooooo YOUNG! His Daddy must be Bill Gates… or maybe he owns the Lambo dealership?

Brett David, the owner of Miami Lamborghini is no exception to the rule. He always seems to be the first one “in on” the latest Lambo’s and when we see the new cars come into our shop, Auto SuperShield, we feel privileged to work on these fine machines.

After the loss of his father, Irv David, Brett assumed the position of CEO at the early age of 19. His vision and appreciation of the cars is unparalleled. One of our first experiences with Brett David was to provide the 3M Paint Protection Services for what would come to be known as the Sharpie Lamborghini.

Prior to the initial artwork, our skilled technicians installed a 3M clear film over the original finish of the $240,000 Lamborghini.  Then the Miami graffiti artist, Jona Cerwinske, spent a few weeks and many Sharpies, turning the luxurious automobile into a mobile work of art. This Lamborghini became a huge sensation and graced the covers of magazines as well as became the star of many YouTube videos.

Recently, the owner removed the Sharpie artwork from the car.  What was amazing was the level of perfection that was maintained in the original paint finish.  While the Sharpie Lambo “Owned” the road for many years, the car today has been restored to it’s original glory.

We look forward to many more visionary and creative ventures with Brett David… you won’t believe what is up his sleeve now.  (So Stay Tuned… The BEST is Yet to come!)

Tomorrow, we will reveal Reason #3 Why Auto Enthusiasts Get their Dream Car… any guesses?  In the meantime, check out one of the many videos of the Sharpie Lambo:

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Wendy Feliu