BMW i8 Concept Car

Reason #1 Why Auto Enthusiasts get their Dream Car

BMW i8 Concept Car
So you dream of owning an exotic car? Do you ever drive up the highway, see a great car and speed up just to see the driver? Do you ever wonder what they do for a living? We see a lot of amazing cars come into our shop & every owner has a great story behind how and why they got their “dream cars.” Just for kicks, we came up with a few validating reasons to own an Exotic Car. Let’s take a (playful) look at the reasons why car enthusiasts drive these incredible Dream Cars and enjoy the video!

1. The Ultimate Chick Magnet
“Let’s see what kind of .com whiz is driving that hot BMW i8 Concept car!” OMG… that guy is totally a geek! Bet his latest acquisition enables him to pick up some pretty, hot chicks. And for the tech savvy guy, it’s a “no brainer.”

The BMW i3 and BMW i8 are electrically powered cars that are meant for Urban driving. These vehicles will be produced from renewable raw materials and will go into production in 2013. The i3 is a mini car concept and the i8 is the sportier model. The i8 is geared for top performance and will go into production in 2014.

These cars are both Sporty and Futuristic at the same time. For visionaries and techies, these cars will rock your world. We look forward to seeing these cars come into Auto SuperShield, 3M Paint Protection Film in the near future.

Hope you Enjoyed this YouTube video and stay tuned for Reason #2 in Tomorrow’s post:

Wendy Feliu