Protecting The Exterior Of Your Race Car - What Are The Available Options?
Patron Race Car / how to protect your race car

Protecting The Exterior Of Your Race Car – What Are The Available Options?

Considering the amounts of money, effort and time that go into building and maintaining a high performance race car, it is only logical to put an equal effort into protecting the exterior. Thankfully, decades of evolution and innovation in the realm of paint protection have allowed the industry to blossom into something that could not have been imagined only 40 years ago. The methods involved in protecting a race car these days run the gamut from traditional to highly unique. Here are a few of the most common approaches to protecting the exterior of a race car.

Patron Race Car / how to protect your race car

Patron Race Car

Keeping your Race Car Inside of a Trailer

The most fundamental way of protecting your race car’s exterior from the outside elements is to keep it in a trailer whenever it’s not in use, and certainly whenever it’s in motion anywhere other than the race track. An airtight trailer will protect a racecar from the elements while allowing it ample space. While this is an excellent means of keeping an exterior unblemished during the transfer of an automobile, a trailer is merely the first step of the protection process for those that are serious about their vehicles. If you want to fully protect the exterior of your race car, keep reading!

Keeping your Race Car Covered when Possible

Millions of people all over the globe successfully keep their prized automobiles under covers that range from fiberglass to fabric, but it is a much more involved process with a race car. In order to insure that the product will guard the exterior of the vehicle to a worthwhile extent, painstaking and often expensive tailoring must be performed. In prior decades, many drivers opted to keep their cars covered in light yet highly protective fabrics. While this practice worked well enough for many of the world’s best drivers of yesteryear, it has recently given way to a far superior means of protecting the exterior of a race car, regardless of whether it is sitting in a showroom or flying around a corner at 179 miles per hour. Be smart – protect your cars exterior finish as much as possible.

Using AutoSuperShield on your Race Car

The best option for protecting your race car’s exterior involves getting in contact with us here at AutoSuperShield. After years of perfecting the science and engineering behind our state-of-the-art automobile paint protection film, we are now providing complete protection services to the general public for incredibly reasonable prices. Experts are waiting to carefully craft a custom design that fits every inch of your race car like a glove. Not only is the paint protection film completely see-through and entirely unnoticeable, it is also capable of doing incredible things when it comes to protecting a vehicle’s exterior. The patented 3M Scotchgard film is prepared to an impact with a one ounce stone at 100 miles per hour without leaving any mark of evidence that the incident occurred.

Don’t regret it, protect your cars exterior finish today!



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