Protect Your Vehicle’s Tires with Auto SuperShield

November 27, 2023

 Think Auto SuperShield only provides protection for your vehicle’s paintwork? Then think again…

Because we can help keep every square inch of your precious ride’s façade in tip-top condition—and that includes the tires.

Tire Sealants and Wax: not just a pretty face…

  • What does professionally applied tire sealant/wax do?
  • Why protecting a vehicle’s tires goes hand-in-hand with paint protection

What does professionally applied tire sealant/wax do?

Good quality tire sealant/wax has a dual purpose.

Firstly, and this is the reason that most people use it, it makes your tires look great. It makes them blacker than black—and who doesn’t want the appearance of their tires to match the beauty of their vehicle’s paintwork?

Secondly, and—probably—more importantly, it helps keep the rubber in prime condition. 

Tire rubber naturally degrades—and this happens quicker in areas with high levels of sunshine and salt (both of which are relevant in Boca Raton, Miami, and the whole state of Florida). Sealing the rubber so these environmental elements can’t attack it quite so directly can help increase the longevity. With tire prices coming in at a hefty ongoing maintenance cost, it makes sound economic sense to do so.

Why protecting a vehicle’s tires goes hand-in-hand with paint protection

While many car and bike owners direct mucho of their hard-earned funds to have professional paint protection products installed (such as paint protection film and/or ceramic coating), it’s less common for people to give the same TLC to their tires.

However, it makes perfect sense that, when you entrust your vehicle to the experts at Auto SuperShield to install valuable paint protection products onto your precious ride, you allow us to service the tires at the same time.

When you task us to do so, you can be sure that we only use the ultimate products. As car exterior experts, we can tell you that not all tire products are made equal. In fact, some lower-end tire care waxes and sealants will actively damage the rubber over the longer term. 

This is also the reason that we don’t recommend many of the DIY products that line the shelves of motor stores (or the pages of Amazon—other online shopping sites are available…). Chemicals and additives, such as silicone, are not only harmful to rubber over time, but they’re not paint-friendly either! Being as Auto SuperShield staff are all self-confessed paintwork nerds, there’s nothing we hate more than anything that wrecks a vehicle’s gorgeous façade.

But we digress…

In short, professionally carried out tire care can:

  • Help extend the lifespan of the tires.
  • Make them the perfect finishing touch for an exquisite paint job.
  • Keep the rubber in excellent condition and, therefore, improve the road handling and safety of a vehicle.

We also give the tires a good visual check when applying protective products. We’ll assess the tire tread depth, its uniformity, and the tire walls for any anomalies. If we notice anything out of the ordinary then we’ll let you know (and don’t worry, we don’t sell tires so you can rest easy that you’re getting a truly impartial professional opinion).

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You spend so much time and money protecting the rest of your vehicle, so don’t let it down with poor tire care. At Auto SuperShield, we use the ultimate products that not only make your car’s “boots” look fab but also will extend their lifespan and ultimately increase safety when you’re rolling.

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