Protect your Tesla

October 31, 2022

Protect Your Tesla

So, you’ve invested in a Tesla… Congratulations—not only are you doing your bit for the health of the planet, but you’ve got an awesome vehicle! Naturally, you want to protect her good looks, something that’s easily done with some advanced paintwork protection.

Read on to discover what’s on offer, plus we discuss the pros and cons of the different options.

The Ultimate Way to Protect Your Tesla

  • Protect your Tesla: paint protection film
  • Protect your Tesla: ceramic coating

Protect your Tesla: paint protection film

Paint protection film (PPF) has its roots in the military when it was invented to protect the helicopter blades of aircraft during the Vietnam war. Since then, it’s evolved to become one of the best products to help keep your ride’s paintwork pristine for many years.

PPF is a perfectly clear, tough film that’s applied to either the complete car or to required areas of the paintwork that are the most likely to be damaged—the front wings, bumper/fender, back of the wing mirrors, and the hood, for example. It’s invisible once in place and creates a robust barrier between the paintwork and the rigors of the environment.

Advantages of PPF include:

  • Protection against physical damage from rock chips, twigs, etc.
  • Protection against environmental damage, such as UV rays
  • Protection against chemical damage—acid rain, bird droppings, tree sap, etc.
  • Is hydrophobic, meaning water beads and rolls away. This helps prevent watermarks and swirls, plus it makes keeping the vehicle clean so much easier
  • Is self-healing. Small scratches and areas of damage can be removed by pouring on a little hot water. The PPF will magically reform into its original pristine shape.

Good quality PPF lasts for many years, protecting that wonderful factory paint from damage and paint fade. It’s a wholly desirable installation—one that can play a large part in helping your vehicle keep its value.

Protect your Tesla: ceramic coating

Ceramic coating adds a permanent, crystal-clear coating to the whole of the car. Nanotechnology infuses it with microscopic particles of ultra-hard ceramic. Once applied, this cures to the paintwork, creating a virtually impenetrable layer that helps prevent environmental, chemical, and physical damage. It’s also hydrophobic and has the added advantage of being super shiny. If you want your Tesla to gleam, then ceramic coating will take this to a whole new level.

For the ultimate in paintwork protection, combine the benefits of PPF and ceramic coating together. The best producers, such as Xpel and Fusion, have created their products with this in mind. Designed to be used together, not only will your ride be able to ward off a whole host of paintwork-damaging challenges, but it’ll become a breeze to keep it clean.

This means waving goodbye to those long (dull) hours of washing and waxing, allowing you to dedicate your time to something that’s far more important—hitting the road!

If you want to round off the protection of your vehicle, then don’t forget the advantages of window tint. Not only does it look great, but it adds a whole new level of protection to the interior of the vehicle. Tint guards against UV rays damaging the interior—and from reaching the passengers inside. It also helps keep the cabin cool, plus it adds a high level of privacy for those riding inside.

Ready to Protect Your Tesla (or any other premium car)? Contact Auto SuperShield Today

Protecting your Tesla’s paintwork and windows should only be entrusted to the most experienced hands. At Auto SuperShield, PPF, ceramic coating, car wraps, and window tint are all we do. It’s not some additional service to our main business—we live and breathe the ultimate in protection products.

Head over to to find out more and call our friendly team today for a no-obligation discussion.


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