Project AU79: How a Lamborghini From Miami Became a Sensation

Project-AU79-How-a-Lamborghini-from-Miami-Became-a-Sensation (2)When Lamborghini unveiled its one-of-a-kind Aventador AU79 on June 16, 2012, people thought of the golden touch of King Midas. Lamborghini shocked its audience with this exotic car covered entirely in silky gold chrome film. It was a true piece of performing art.

The gold chrome wrap added a majestic allure that opened up a lot of eyes to new possibilities. Its price tag was $20,000 over the usual half-million price for an Aventador. The gold Lambo is definitely a car for those with deep pockets who like to cruise like royalty. Auto SuperShield was the first American company to wrap a car – Project AU79 – in gold chrome for Lamborghini of Miami and brought the idea to the dealership.

Chrome paint wrap film is a challenging material to work with and the process to encase a car in it takes much longer than a standard paint wrap.

The Inspiration and Buzz Behind Project AU79
According to Brett David, owner of Prestige Imports in Miami, “Lamborghini decided to pursue the AU79 Project because they think outside the box.” The grand idea for the AU79 project evolved from centuries-old allure of gold. And its name, AU.79 comes from the periodic table listing for gold. It was a match made in heaven.

Not only does the AU79 glitter, it has a 6.5 –liter, 692 horsepower V12 and reaches 217 mph with smooth ease. The gold Lamborghini AU79 has made a real buzz at exotic car shows, been used in motion pictures, turns heads wherever it shows up, and continues to make major cameos alongside celebrities.

The Lamborghini AU79 took home the People’s Choice Award at the Miami International Auto Show in 2012, made world news on CNBC and was featured everywhere – a viral vehicle.

The Impact of Project AU79
The AU79 revolutionized more than just the exotic car industry. Project AU79 has been open to artists implementing what has come to be known as the social experiment. Videographers, stylists, models and photographers use the AU79 for ideation, for contrast and counterpoint.

There’s even a digital platform where fans and owners can talk about the AU79 experience and their experience. The AU79 has had a strong influence on the custom car market.

Companies now specialize in wrapping supercars in an extra glitzy gold. The AU79 has inspired a new exotic car culture outside of Lamborghini. German company Carlsson began to add some golden flash to Mercedes-Benz models.

At the 2014 Geneva motor show, Carlsson displayed a Mercedes S-Class with gold applied to the instrument panel, windows switches, door cards and even the cup holders – and, of course, the paint.

At the 2015 GoldRush rally, a Pagani Huayra 730 S looked reptilian and sleek with its blue and gold carbon-fiber scales. It definitely achieved celebrity status. Driver Jovian Yoh and his copilot Sheena Monk brought a heavily modified Corvette ZR1 in gold camouflage wrap from New Jersey. Every single car was a show-stopper, and many were covered in dazzling gold.

It’s a trend that the Lamborghini AU79 has inspired. And while others have followed, the Lamborghini AU79 will always be the first.

Auto SuperShield

Wendy Feliu