“Project Au79” Gold Chrome Wrap on a Lamborghini Aventador on Deco Drive T.V.
Gold Chrome Lamborghini Aventador - Project Au79

“Project Au79” Gold Chrome Wrap on a Lamborghini Aventador Premiers on Deco Drive T.V.

Deco Drive T.V. Interview with Auto SuperShield

Did you miss the unveiling of the 2012 Lamborghini Aventador “Au79” completely wrapped in our brand new gold chrome paint wrap at the Exotics and Espresso event in Miami?  Take a look at Auto SuperShield’s owner, Pepi Feliu, in this most recent television interview on Deco Drive discussing the gold chrome paint wrap on the Lamborghini “Au79” Aventador.  This was a special project for the owner of Lamborghini Miami dealership, Brett David.

Auto Super Shield, pioneers in automotive paint protection and Florida’s largest dealer of car protection film, unveiled the first-ever in the USA Gold Chrome Paint Wrap, a unique product that will transform any car into a vision of gold.

Want to stand out from the crowds?  Chrome wraps catch everyone’s eye.

Gold Chrome Lamborghini Aventador - Project Au79

Gold Chrome Lamborghini Aventador – Project Au79

Luxury Chrome Paint Wraps are exclusive Auto SuperShield technology.  Chrome Paint Wraps  that come in gold and silver chrome are the most popular; however, we have them in any other color you can imagine. We have perfected one of the only chrome wrapping films on the market today, and the technique to apply it perfectly to a vehicle in a full coverage, eye catching luxury paint wrap.

What are people – including the media – saying about chrome paint wraps? That they are the “ultimate” in vehicle paintwork art, the quintessential way to make your vehicle stand out. And because it’s so difficult to get a good photo with all the light, they have been described as “paparazzi proof” because of the light that bounces off the chrome surface. Amazing!

It’s important to note that chrome paint wrap film is one of the most challenging materials to work with and the process takes much longer than a standard paint wrap.  Auto SuperShield is at the forefront of developing brand new application techniques which make the process possible. But don’t be fooled, it’s still extremely difficult even for our experienced technicians. But, we pull it off every time!

If proper maintenance is performed on a regular basis, your Luxury Chrome Paint Wrap should last as long as or longer than a car covered with standard automotive paint.  The Chrome Paint Wrap actually keeps your car cooler, because the sun is reflected off the surface instead of being absorbed into the body.  Our Chrome Paint Wraps also have a scratch resistant top coat.

Chrome is definitely not for the shy and retiring but if you want your pride and joy, promotional car or race car to really stand out from the crowd then it may be just the finish you are looking for.

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Wendy Feliu