Pre-Cut Window Tint. How Does it Work?

March 1, 2024

Pre-cut window tint is, exactly as the name suggests, window tint that’s been prepared to fit the shape of a particular vehicle make and model.  Great! We hear you say. That means it’ll be easy to carry out a DIY project—and save mucho bucks while doing so. 

Technically, that should be true. However, there are a few, errr, let’s call them challenges, to be aware of…

The Pros and Cons of Pre-Cut Window Tint

  • The good, the bad, and the downright ugly…
  • Not been put off? The ultimate guide to pre-cut window tint—how does it work? (in 4 easy steps)

The good, the bad, and the downright ugly

The best thing about pre-cut window tint is that you don’t need to work out dimensions and cut the product to size. Instead, the dimensions are entered into a computer system and the product is cut to size.

All good so far, wouldn’t you say?

The next job is to install them onto the vehicle. The pre-cut pieces can be taken to the vehicle (not the other way around). This allows for installation wherever is most convenient.

Moving onto the bad… Pre-cut tint doesn’t account for aspects like gaskets. Anything even slightly out of the ordinary can mean you end up with gaps on the glass that aren’t covered. Oh, and there’s no room for error. Make a mistake and the only option is to repurchase a complete new panel.

And then… There’s the annoying trait that the rear windshield tint is usually supplied in (at least) two parts. Even if you fit them perfectly, the join/s means that over the next few months, moisture will find its way under the film. The result? Well, suffice to say this is the “ugly” element of this section…

Not been put off? The ultimate guide to pre-cut window tint—how does it work? (In 4 easy steps)

Pre-cut window tint is incredibly popular. So, for those who’re intent on fitting their own, here are the four steps you need to perform for the perfect installation.

  1. Cleaning and prep: By far the most important step. No matter how meticulous your installation is, if you do it over a less-than-pristine surface, then it’s going to look shabby. The glass needs to be cleaned, dried with a new lint-free cloth, and then razored over to remove any residue. Repeat.
  2. Lay the tint out: Using a professional window tint solution, mist the glass. Carefully begin to peel off the tint backing and mist the adhesive as you do so. Do not fully remove the backing. Before the tint dries…
  3. … Pick up the panel and align it to the glass: Gently press it into place. Remove the rest of the liner by holding the tint firmly against the glass at the top and pulling the liner down and away.
  4. Remove the excess liquid: Use a squeegee to firmly stroke from the top of the tint panel downwards, forcing any liquid down as you do so. Do the edges last (and the bottom edge at the very end). Spray the whole panel again and repeat.

This is a very basic overview of the installation steps. You will likely end up with finger marks on the edges of the tint. The only way to remove these is with a heat gun. Very carefully pass this over the area. When it distorts just a little, re-smooth the area. Don’t apply too much heat as the tint will either shrink too much or burn.

Save Yourself the Heartache with a Professional Window Tint at Auto SuperShield

The grim reality of attempting a DIY job with pre-cut window tint is that you’ll either end up with an inferior finish or end up paying twice because you’ll need a pro to make good your mistakes.

Auto SuperShield isn’t saying that this is 100% the case, but we see proof of this all too regularly. If you care enough about your ride to want to spend money tinting the glass, then you surely want a professional finish. And there’s no better installer in the Sunshine State than Auto SuperShield.

Head to for more info and call today for a no-obligation quote.


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