Porsche GT3RS Track Car Goes to Auto SuperShield for an Ultimate Make Over!

June 20, 2020
Auto SuperShield Porsche GT3RS Make-over Xpel Ultimate Paint Protection Film

Photo Credit: GTSpirit.com Photo of the DayPorsche GT3RS Track Car Goes to Auto SuperShield for an Ultimate Make Over!

Day 1Porsche GT3 RS is wrapped in an Avery matte white vinyl film. The matte white wrap discolored badly due to all of the time Peter spends on the track. The vinyl film is very porous and holds a lot of dirt. Auto SuperShield’s project challenge was to remove the matte vinyl wrap and re-wrap the GT3RS with a clear, glossy paint protection film. Peter chose to have us protect the Porsche completely with Xpel’s new Ultimate Paint Protection film. The film has a seven year warranty, so Peter plans to put it to the test on the track!

Day 2Mike Bassett with Auto SuperShield is set with the challenge of removing all the old “skin” on the GT3RS. This is not a job for the faint of heart or someone without a LOT of PATIENCE! Luckily Mike has both as this took about six hours to remove all the matte white vinyl, primer and adhesive left behind. The headlights, taillights and rear wing were removed to aide in the clean up. Once the clean up was completed the car was given an expert exterior detail. This prepares the surface for its new, glossy and clear skin!

Mike Bassett continues the GT3RS makeover. Removing the matte white vinyl, primer and adhesive that is left behind takes some special products. We like to use is Goof Off which is an adhesive remover that is very effective. This exterior clean up also requires a lot of elbow grease! Tune in Tomorrow when we reveal the final results of the Ultimate Make-over...Happy Motoring!PepiTags – Porsche GT3RS, Pepi Feliu, Florida, Auto SuperShield, Xpel, 3M paint protection film, 6 Speed on Line, RennSpeed, Porsche Club of America, Porsche Purist, Champion Porsche, Braman Porsche, matte vinyl, race car, track car, windshield protection, Racing Optics,


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