Pimp Out Your Car: Top Mods to Make Your Ride Stand Out

June 20, 2020
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One momentous day at the very dawn of mankind, a discovery was made that would prove just as important as the invention of fire or the bikini. That was the day that that an unsung Neanderthal jumped on the back of some ancient beast and had the revolutionary epiphany that he’d found a mode of transportation that was much faster, and got better mileage, than his own two feet. And the next thing he did was to deck his steed out in beads, seashells, an ocher paint job, a spoiler, and anything else he could think of to make his ride look hotter than his buddies’ rides.You see where we’re going with this. So it has always been throughout history, from Roman chariots to Hannibal’s elephants, Louis XIV’s coach to the first automobile, and on to the present day. Drivers have always felt compelled to make their vehicles stand out from the crowd, drawing jealous stares from the men and admiring smiles from the women – and vice versa. Pimpin’ a ride is just a part of human nature.Back in the day it could be pretty costly to modify a vehicle. Solid gold and diamonds ain’t cheap. But these days you can modify your car in ways that would have made the kings and queens of yore green with envy, and do it for a lot less money. Here are some of the latest modern mods you can deal on your car, guaranteed to make you the talk of your city and beyond.Suicide DoorsThese were quite the thing back in the 1930s and 40s, but for some reason they fell out of popularity. Now they’re making a comeback. A suicide door is simply a door that opens towards the rear of the vehicle, and it looks well, stylin’. It’s still a fairly unique modification, and it’s not a difficult one to perform. You’re just moving the hinges and handles from the front to the back and rerouting the wiring.Conversion kits are available, but be advised that problems have been reported with the cheaper ones, such as sagging at the hinges and troubles with opening and closing. This mod can be done on both two- and four-door cars. Worth it just for the laughs you’ll get watching people try to figure out how to get in.Window TintingArguably the most long-lived auto mod of all, because it’s attractive and it keeps nosy people from gawking at you. But it does much more than that. Window tint increases safety by reducing glare, and also blocks harmful ultraviolet rays from sunlight, significantly lowering cabin temperatures and protecting your interior.Modern technology has created window tint options that are truly awesome in performance. Tint with an SPF factor of 1,000 is available, and the 3M company has developed new products using nano technology and ceramics that resist fading, cracking, and bubbling for many years longer than old-school window tinting. It’s one of the most affordable mods, too.Vehicle WrappingHigh tech isn’t just for cell phones, it’s also created a better paint job.If you’re not fully aware of how to describe it, vehicle wrapping uses a special film material that can be applied to your car’s exterior, much like window tint for the body. It’s much more durable than traditional paint, and the film can be digitally printed with almost any design or logo. You can choose a gold or silver chrome wrap or a matte black car wrap for a truly distinctive look that will have bystanders rubber-necking like crazy just to get a glimpse of your ride. Even a 3D animal skin wrap or color changing wraps or paints if you want to get really wild. A vehicle wrap is one of the best aesthetic modifications going.Interior Re-upholsteringAs long as you’re reinventing your car’s exterior, you might as well treat it to a fabulous interior too. Automakers aren’t known for being daring with their interior upholstery designs; as a matter of fact they’re downright boring. Make your car’s interior reflect your own personality with a stunning custom color scheme or funky upholstery and dashboard pattern, or perhaps the timeless luxury of rich Corinthian leather.A well-done reupholstering job will last for years, so it’s a good idea to keep in mind that styles change over time, as do your own personal tastes. A little foresight and thoughtful consideration now will save you money and time down the road.These days people tend to think of car modifications as less-permanent tattoos that say important about the person behind the wheel. Using your ride as an expansion of your own personal style is always a bold statement.


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