Custom Detailled Ford Fusion Auto Supershield

Personalize your Ride with Auto SuperShield’s “Subtle Touch”

Custom Detailled Ford Fusion Auto Supershield
There are times when just a subtle touch can make all the difference in unique auto customizations and take your cars from the drab “off the lot” look to one that stands out in the crowd.

This was the case when Paul and his partner, Richard, brought their 2012 Ford Fusion SEL to Auto SuperShield. Initially, they came in to have our Paint Protection Film (a.k.a “clear bra”) installed on the hood, fenders, mirrors and front bumper. While discussing Auto SuperShield’s numerous customization and protection options, they noticed the many different ways to set their steel blue Fusion up and set it apart from the mundane factory appearance. This is when Richard’s “gear head” started clicking.

While gazing at our “Wall of Fame” photos in our customer living room / lounge area, they took notice that we do elaborate stripe, graphic and matte wrap installations. Paul felt that there must be something Auto SuperShield could do to break up the solid blue color of the Fusion doors without going overboard and still looking classy.

Ford Fusion Auto SuperShieldSo the decision was made to go with a stripe cut from the 3M 1080i matte black film since it created a nice, soft shadow against the blue metallic gloss paint.

The inspiration for the graphic scheme of the matte stripe was found in the Ford Mustang. The final unique touch was cutting the letters “SEL” out of the stripe instead of vice versa. This allowed the steel blue color to show through the stripe.

Richard chose to place the stripe in the valley above the body line rather than below the line on of the lower portion of the door, where we would normally install it. This in the end proved to be a nice touch that makes this a truly unique customization. The metallic paint pops and the matte stripe blends nicely!

Kudos to you!

Jorge Feliu

Wendy Feliu