Behind the Scenes of the Orange Mercedes-Benz AMG GTS

June 20, 2020

How Auto Super Shield Transformed a Mercedes-Benz AMG GTS

When the 2016 Mercedes-Benz AMG GTS coupe with V8 BITURBO and top-of-the-line accessories was driven off the lot, it was a glistening dark red, perhaps "Red Pepper." But the new owner yearned for something more personal. That's where Auto Super Shield came in. When the car was driven out of our state-of-the-art auto body transformation studio, it was changed to a striking combination of matte orange with black trim and tinted windows.So how does this all happen?Material selection is key. Choices range from type of wrap -- carbon fiber, chrome, matte, and satin, to name a few. Color comes next -- there are more than 100 factory colors to choose from, plus just about any custom color you can imagine. The professionals take care of the rest, including choosing the proper adhesive -- one that bonds with the wrap seamlessly but won't harm your factory finish underneath. Auto Super Shield considers its technicians to be "chemists" in adhesives, meaning the right material is always used for the longest and best looking wrap job possible.In the video, you first see the car nearly finished with its matte orange and black trim wrap. In scenes that follow, you see the car in process as the wrap is carefully applied to each area. Before the first step, however, all the identifying chrome is removed from the car -- brand trademarks, insignias, and hood ornaments, for instance. The side panels and the doors are early in the wrapping process; you can see the meticulous care taken to make sure the wrap is smoothed and stretched around the corners and into the grooves. Precise razor tools cut away the film from windows and other areas it's not wanted.The contrast between areas that have been smoothed and adhered and areas that have not is startling. But bit by bit, the new color takes precedence. After the side panels and the doors are finished, the lower rear body is wrapped. All this is done before the hood or the coupe back is done. In those places, the piece of orange wrap matte is so large that it takes two of the professional workers to hold it taut and lay it over the proper section of the car. Then the tucking, fitting, smoothing and cutting begin again, as each new part of the vehicle is wrapped. Soon the only remnants you see of the original color are in small areas beneath the rear body of the car.As a finishing touch on this car, black racing trim was added down the front of the hood. If you go back and look at earlier portions of the video, it wasn't there at the beginning, nor was it a part of the factory finish. It's just a creative flourish added here at the shop. All the branding and insignia is returned to the proper spots on the car, and the vehicle is given a final wash and polish before it is turned over to the consumer.

Why wrap your car?

It might be just because you yearn for a custom-wrapped vehicle that is distinctive, with its own appearance and personality. But you also are investing in the original, factory-finish paint underneath. A luxury wrap protects your car from the nicks, bugs, tiny scratches and dirt-dings that almost every car suffers on the road. And if you remove your wrap one day, what you will find underneath is a pristine factory paint job, unfaded and unmarred.If you want to wrap your ride, contact the experts at Auto Super Shield. We're proud to be the best car wrap shop in Miami, Boca Raton, and the surrounding areas in Southern Florida. Contact us online or call (561) 295-7625 to request a free car wrap estimate or to schedule your car wrap appointment today!


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