Off Road Riding and Paint Protection

May 2, 2022

Off Road Riding and Paint Protection 

The thrill of off road riding and driving is something that many of us enjoy. Whether you hit the bumps on two wheels or four, nothing can surpass the driving experience of pitting yourself against harsh terrain.  

But it does have a detrimental effect on your ride’s paintwork. Dust, rocks, foliage, water, mud… They all contribute to damage. However, there are some solid ways you can protect against this.

The following discusses the two most effective methods of off-road paint protection for all types of vehicles.

Off Road Paint Protection: The choices 

  • PPF for off road paint protection
  • Ceramic coating for off road paint protection

PPF for off road paint protection 

Paint protection film, or PPF, is a great choice for protecting the paintwork of an off-road vehicle. This clever film can be cut to any shape or size, meaning it can be added to a complete car or to individual elements—perhaps of a motorcycle—or just to the areas of a vehicle that are more likely to be damaged when navigating any off-road environment. 

Another advantage of PPF is the hydrophobic properties. Off-road terrain often involves driving through muddy, wet conditions. This usually results in having to spend mucho time spraying this off the vehicle. Adding PPF means that the water will simply drip away, making the cleaning process far, far easier. 

There are many different types of PPF on the market, each of varying quality and grade. The best options aren’t only hydrophobic, they also have self-healing properties. This means that, should a small amount of damage occur, the application of a little heat will see it seamlessly meld back to its original form.

The important things to know about PPF are: 

  • It’s best applied by experts. DIY options are available but not recommended (plus poorly applied PPF can cause damage to the paintwork)
  • Quality is everything—go for the best you can afford
  • Wash off the vehicle regularly if it becomes mud-spattered or covered in dirt

Ceramic coating for off road paint protection

Ceramic coating is a wonderful method of protecting an off-road vehicle. It literally adds a super-tough, super-hard layer of invisible protection to the top of the paintwork. This can easily repel environmental pollutants, water, dirt, and rock chips that are all part and parcel of off-road terrain. 

The application of a ceramic coating should, like PPF, be professionally applied. In addition to paint protection, it also brings the following advantages:

  • Increases the resale value of the vehicle as it protects the factory paintwork below
  • Helps reduce the effort involved in keeping the vehicle clean
  • Makes the paintwork shine in a way that isn’t possible, no matter how hard you might wax and polish 

Off-roading, be it in a car, 4x4, bike, or another all-terrain vehicle is immense fun. Protecting the paintwork with an advanced product, such as PPF or ceramic coating, allows you to happily traverse terrain as tough as you like, safe in the knowledge that your precious paintwork is looked after. 

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